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Quality is the biggest concern of the consumers- especially if it is concerned with LCD screen replacement. There are many criteria to put different manufactured wholesale iphone6 LCD screens into different grades. There is well distinguished grade system for the consumers to make them aware about the quality of the product they are buying. Most of the companies don’t have any well-distinguished quality categories of their product. There are many companies in the market which use several types of grade systems which eventually confuse the buyer. Such as some companies use ‘AAAAAA’ grade which signifies nothing but only confuses the buyers. Honest companies like the ‘Global Trade Electronic Inc.’ use only 3 types of grade such as A, AA, AAA. It is very important to have a good knowledge about these grading systems of LCD screens if you are a consumer. Therefore, choosing the LCD screens with better quality among these 3 types is very important. After we discuss these grading system later in this article, you would easily be able to understand why buying from ‘Global Trade Electronic Inc.’ is safer and easier than other companies.


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Let’s start with the meaning of these grading systems. The AAA quality means that the LCD and the flex cable of the replacement screen will be original but the glass will be a copy glass. The AA quality means that the LCD of the replacement screen will be original but the flex cable and the glass will be copied. The A quality represents that the LCD, flex cable and glass of the replacement screen will be copied. That means all 3 materials will be copied in ‘A’ quality, where 2 materials will be copied in the AA quality and only 1 material will be copied in the AAA quality. It can be easily understood that with the increase of the number of A’s, the quality of the screen increases. So, the price of the screen will also increase. If we consider the quality and the price of the replacement screens of the above mentioned 3 categories we can see.


AAA > AA > A

To choose better quality LCD screens among the 3 qualities, the consumer need to acknowledge his requirement. If the consumer is a monopoly retailer and is looking for maximum profit in a market where there is an increasing demand, then he should by ‘A’ quality wholesale of LCD screens which will cost the least, so he can maximize the profit. To be mentioned, that the consumers to whom he is going to sell the products should not be concerned much about the quality otherwise shouldn’t have much knowledge about the product. If the retailer is in the market where there are competitors, the seller should choose AA quality because it will ensure better quality in a reasonable price. If the seller is in a big market and has targeted buyers to whom quality is the biggest concern regardless the price, then the retailer should choose the AAA quality which is the best in quality and most costly. So, a retailer can choose his required quality from the Unified Wireless website according to his needs.


Direct Consumers can also directly choose from the LCD screen wholesale website but they should always choose the AAA quality as it is the best quality available. ‘Unified Wireless Inc.’ ensures the highest quality within the budget of a consumer. For example, the company sells the  wholesale iPhone 6 LCD of A quality at only $24/ piece, where the company sells the AAA quality of the same product at $38/ piece. If you are looking for the cheapest iPhone screen wholesale, then this Chinese company is the place where you should go. The company provides the best quality iPhone 6 screens with lots of features. They provide iPhone 6 outer glass with pre attached LCD screen, preassembled touch digitizer panel with toolkits .The frame and the LCD of their product is pre attached and not being pulled from used mobile phones. According to buyers’ reviews, the company is providing better service and more reliable wholesale iphone 6 Lcd than Amazon. The company ensures the best quality at each price level.


The company understands the budget and also the desire for the best quality of the consumer. That’s why, the website shows all the available qualities and prices of each product at the same time. No other websites and companies, shows all qualities at the same time because they are not manufacturers. ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ is a proud manufacturer company of the LCD screen wholesale. That’s why they can always maintain the supply and can show all quality categories on their website at the same time. The company is reliable to that extent that you can remain assured that you are going to receive the same product that you’ve seen on the website. The company maintains quality consistently with honesty to ensure customer satisfaction.


So any buyer can easily order his required quantity and quality of the product at any time from the company and remain stress free. The company provides the cheapest price on each successive unit and gives special price reduction on special occasions. They also provide warranty on their product and easy return policies. ‘Unified Wireless Inc.’ is the company in the USA which has a well distinguished grading system of their products. Comparing to other companies, their products are of better quality and can be more easily purchased as they are well organized into 3 different quality categories. The company itself is a revolution as it has made the purchase of LCD screens so easy. Anyone can easily click on their anticipated products on the company’s website and get the different qualities and prices of that product with brief descriptions.


There are also buyers’ reviews on each product page, which can help you to learn about their experience. However, the company has bring everything that a buyer aspire in one place, such as- honesty, quality, punctuality, warranty, consistency, hierarchy, satisfaction and so on. This company is gradually becoming the biggest marketplace for wholesale iPhone 6 LCD . It is now gladly competing with the big names like the Amazon, eBAY, Aliexpress, iFixit etc. It has indeed provided a suitable and trustworthy source for the retailers, which has resulted in the economic growth in their business.