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Did you know why the LCD screens Lift up in the Sunburn Day with Super High Temperature? - Ignore

We all know that the LCD screen market has become very competitive since the last decade. There is a variety of sellers in the market but only a few provide professional briefing and proper description to the customers. Without having proper knowledge, many customers are facing different kinds of problems with their LCD screens. The most talked about problem in the recent past is that the LCD screens pops out if they are kept in the high temperature. If you ask this question to rookie marketing consultants, they would never be able to answer you properly because they simply don’t possess deep knowledge about the LCD technology. So, how can you trust and buy the LCD screen from them? Well, ‘Unified Wireless Inc. USA’ is a company which sells severely tested products and possesses some real marketing consultant experts. The online department headquarter of the company has some great experts who are always eager to provide the solution to your problems. If you have no idea about the surface chemistry and suffering from this popped out screen problem, then your concept is going to be cleared in a few minutes.


glue screen


LCD display has a sandwich like structure. There is glue between the screen and the liquid crystal display. So, you can easily imagine how important this glue is to bind these two elements together. If the glue is melt or not distributed evenly, the display will drop off the phone screen sooner or later. You must be wondering how this glue can melt? Well, there are two types of glue. 1. Hot Glue 2. Cold Glue The Hot Glue is low quality glue between these two. Why this glue is cheap? The answer is that this glue is very unstable in nature. The hot glue has a low viscosity. That’s why it is runny and possesses flow property. Due to the glue being hot, the particles of the glue move faster which results in more gaps between them. This ensures better flow. In the contrary, the particles move very slowly in the cold glue. So, the molecules of the adhesive remain in a compact manner which results in high viscosity. That’s why the cold glue is more stable. There are 3 types of Hot Glue. 1. Soft hot glue 2. Regular hot glue 3. Hard hot glue If you have bought an ‘A’ quality LCD screen with the soft hot glue, then your LCD screen is definitely going to pop off after six months. You might still be wondering how the sunlight can affect your LCD screens. Well, when the sun rays continuously fall on the display, a portion gets stored in the glue underneath the display as heat energy. Some portion gets refracted to the liquid crystal display. This portion has a good reflection property. So, it reflects a major portion of the rays back in the glue and some of them again gets stored in the glue as heat energy. The increased temperature results in the melting of the glue and the display suddenly pops off.



glue line

The iPhone LCD screen works best from 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit- but keeping the iPhone as near room temperature as possible is ideal. So, it is understandable that the glue is extremely important in iPhone LCD refurbishing . The Headquarter of UW online department is very powerful. They always use the cold glue which never melts. So, even if you buy an ‘A’ quality LCD screen from this company, it will never pop off. So, in case of iPhone LCD refurbishing, you can trust UW screen blindly. They also have a recycle program which is working excellently in refurbishing old, useless LCD screens. replace screen
iPhone LCD refurbishing is a very complicated and difficult task to do. The process requires a lot of tools and skills.GTE Recycle does this refurbishing job very smoothly. The process requires equipments like- Auto Mclave, Clean room, Fram machine, Glue remover, LCD separator, OCA laminator etc. Having its own manufacturing factory in China, UW Recycle does the iPhone LCD refurbishing job very comfortably.
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Many companies in the market sell the LCD screens banded with hot glue but ‘Global Trade Electronic USA Inc.’ never cheats on its customers. Their fight is not with the so called ‘Wholesale Suppliers’ but with the big corporations like eBay and Amazon. Now-a-days, when companies like eBay and Amazon are disappointing the customers relentlessly, there is only one smart choice for your LCD screen and that is GTE screen. Many buyers have 2, 3, 4 even 5 wholesale suppliers as their source but if they became a loyal customer of GTE, it would be one of the most beneficial decisions of their lives.. GTE doesn’t sugar people with couple of dollars. It believes in more intimate relationship with its customers. GTE sends free LCD screens for new year gifts to the customers. You can even get many more unbelievable offers if you become a diamond high level customer of the company. Sometimes, the company provides lifetime warranty on the purchased products if the customers remain loyal to the company.
If you’ve faced these display pop out problems due to extreme temperature, you can simply ask the marketing consultant of your wholesale supplying company. If he stammers, then you can judge them by yourself but here raises the question – ‘Why should you try other companies and take risks when you already have a great option like GTE?” GTE has expert employees who research about customer problems and find out logical solutions. They have a 24 hours customer service. Day by day the company is leaving behind the big companies like Amazon. GTE knows how to reward its customers. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of their hard work. GTE doesn’t believe in bringing 30 customers a day but it believes in bringing a customer 30 times. GTE guarantees you the LCD displays which won’t pop out after 6 years, let alone 6 months.