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Why A screens of UW are better than the 2A screens

UNIFIED WIRELESS Inc located in USA that provides customers with a quality screen refurbishing facility and screen repairing facility for all those who have some issues of screens with their loving


Iphone 6 Lcd 

or any other smart phone belonging to the Apple community. Unified Wireless s known for his uniqueness all around the globe and for a reason Unified Wireless Inc. deals with many customers on daily basis.

dissamble iphone screen

Now coming towards the theme of the article that is that why A screens of UW are better than the 2A screens?  What different features A screens carry that brings a gap between A and 2A quality screens? Here in this article I will let you know about the best and the finest qualities of A screens provided by UW.



2A Screens of UW

 get the glass out of screen

Unified Wireless Inc. deals on daily bases with thousands of customers who have screen repairing issue with their Apple iPhone six plus or any other Apple branded smart phone. It provides two categories of screens for their clients, one is 1A quality and the other is 2A quality screens.

The A quality screens provided by UW have some outclass features and qualities due to which mostly customers are attracted towards this. The very first incomparable quality that A quality screens have is the use of original iphone6 lcd, LCD (Liquid crystal display) in it. This is one of the most active misconceptions with many people related to iPhone screen repairing, that they are not able to know about the difference between original and fake LCD screens. The original LCD screen from UW is more energy efficient and can more safely disposed as compare to the 2A quality LCD screen.


The original iphone6 lcd have extremely high resolution matrix arrays of pixels for better display of various images using backlighting with very dark background when there is  no image displayed, for this purpose different arrangements are used. The original LCD screen of Unified Wireless Inc.will be comparatively less heavy than the 2A quality screen. The Unified Wireless uses a copy flex cable for their customer in the mobile. The copy flex cable works properly and eases the user to perform different tasks easily. Similarly this company also provides a copy glass in the screen that prevents it from screen damaging or let suppose if you are busy somewhere else and suddenly your mobile slips down from your hands and hits the ground the copy glass will act as a screen protector in that case and your mobile will not face any sort of cracks etc. While on other hand the 2A quality screens don’t carry the same features as A quality screen carries like 1A quality screens have a copy glass which results in a low quality image resolution or screen display. The copy LCD brings a great bad impression on the 2A quality screens because everything that matters a lot is the screen display or the screen resolution.