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How about Apple Product in 2015?

Almost four days, we will say goodbye to the year of 2015. We can see the news, ranks, and comments of the different industry. Definitely, this time, we review Apple products in 2015.


The famous of renowned technology columnist and commentator, Larry Magid, discussed what his impressive product of this year. He thought that this year the technology world was very simple and nothing special. However, he still had few technology products which have the highlight in this year.




The first product is Apple Watch. He said that Apple Watch was no doubt that is the most ferocious speculation in this year. This was Tim Cook brought first product category.  Last product category which we should be back in 2010. That product was Steve Jobs brought to us which was iPad.


Apple Watch experienced the different area of the feedback. Even though Apple does not announce any the number of sales, the analyst said that Apple Watch was the king of the smart watch in the market.


Mr. Magid indicated that Samsung provided brand new smart watch this year. He realized that Galaxy Gear 2 was easier to use than Apple Watch. This is very ironic because most consumers like Apple Watch was very simple and useful. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 can go through the branch of the Apps to “Decoration” of its performance.


He also mentioned the wearable overall market situation of smart devices. While Apple and Samsung were working very hard in 2015, but the wearable smart device was still not attractive in 2015. Many wearable smart device manufacturers were not ambitious like Apple and Samsung.




For smartphones, Larry Magid thought that 2015 smartphone market performance was still simple. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was not very attractive. Although compared with the iPhone 6, the phone performance and configuration were improved a lot, but it still was an old point of view. iPhone 6s was very good, but the product was the lack of surprises. Larry Magid believed that the 2015 launch of the phone has a metal case such as Galaxy S6 Edge design was very beautiful and felt Nexus 6P left a good impression to him.




Back to PC market, the sales of PC has been keeping decreased in 2015. However, Larry Magid thought that this year was a big year in the area of PC industry.


“Apple introduced that it’s very thin MacBook in this year. Obviously, the new generation of MacBook became one of the new direction in the industry. This time, Apple took off the standard of USB interface which provided the plug and play external devices. Apple's new product: iPhone 6S LCD has 3D touch. This was all the laptop standard configuration. Moreover, Apple took out the traditional PC components on the third times. For instance, in 1998, iMac first time got rid of the floppy disk drive. In 2008, MacBook Air also made the CD-ROM drive to become into history. However, this year, MacBook obviously lead the third time of the changing. “


Beside MacBook, Larry Magid believed that Window 10 was one of the big event coming out of the PC industry in 2015.


In the end, Larry Magid mentioned one of the hot events about unmanned aircraft. He believed that an unmanned aircraft is a trustworthy event in this year.


2015 will be almost over. We know that many people purchased the first generation of Apple Watch, iPhone 6S or MacBook. Those devices will continue serving for us in 2016. Please enjoy the Apple products which you already bought. Happy Holiday, Everyone!