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The LCD before replace and the after


iPhones have become very personal to people. A user wakes up in the morning and first looks at their iPhone screen to read new messages and notifications of missed calls or emails. Many people prefer the iPhone over other phones  because of their sophisticated looks and handy applications that can be used for business and everyday life.


Many faulty iPhones just require the user to fix the damaged parts to bring them back into functional form. But when the damage is severe, it may be best that you buy a new phone altogether. In reality, often it seems that most iPhone owners after the slightest damage feel like not keeping the phone further. He or she wants to get a new phone to feel secure. But actually, most of the damages can be repaired and fixed.  No need to grumble on minor repairs because of the constant new models that apple comes out with every year. So people start to think of selling the phone on craigslist. You can fix the damage at a reasonable cost. The simple repairs include iPhone LCD replacements, WiFi function fix, home button issues and headphone jack problem.


The complex repairs that cost a lot of money to fix to include fixing damaged from water or spills, charging issues, and software issues. The most common type of problem that iPhone users face is the broken screen. The screen made of glass enables the users to use it by touch. But when it is cracked the info displayed is barely visible and could also be harmful to the hands touching it. The users who have a broken screen on their phone must get it fixed soon to avoid any further damage. Also, those  who have a fully functional phone should take extra care of their device to keep it in good condition. When the screen is damaged users have the problem of accessing the applications they have installed in the phone.


Like I said before, early repair is the best way to efficiently fix iPhone problems. To do this, you need to find a repair shop as soon as possible. You can visit the Apple care center or choose a local nearby shop that can handle broken screen with good care. Another option for fixing your phone is to repair the phone by yourself. The tutorials online on youtube are helpful in learning the steps of repairing iPhone. I would advise you to download a good video into your computer for reference. You can pause, rewind and watch the video many times as you like to properly do the repair by your own hands. Before you start learning the skills, make sure the video is reliable. For this, you can find comments down below the video. Just read a few and find out whether the video has helped others to fix the broken screen. To make a quick check you can look at the rating and views. More views and good ratings are two criteria to find a reliable video of iPhone screen repair. We also made the series of  replacing LCD tutorials.


The list of tutorials we have for iPhone:









iPhone 5 LCD - white


Have you heard about the iPhone digitizers? It is the iPhone screen that protects the LCD underneath it. It is usually made of plastic and is visible when the screen is damaged. It also acts as an interface for sensing touch from the user’s fingers and is responsible for transferring the information from the finger's position to the motherboard. The damage to this part is seen in the form of cracks. When the phone is stepped on or dropped from a certain height it gets cracks. The phone becomes unusable even if other parts might be fine.


Sometimes it is possible that the damage to the digitizer is minute and invisible. The user might not see any visible damages. In this case, the problems of horizontal lines, green lines, and others could be experienced by the user. There are other symptoms which one can identify the cracks in a digitizer. These include erratic experiences, random application openings, poor response, and dead black spots.


To solve the problem, buying iPhone digitizer and replacing the old one is the only solution. You can replace it yourself or visit a repair shop and get the job done. If you are confident enough to perform the repair then buy the replacement screen kit. These are available online at affordable rates. The kits are specially made for people who are on a budget and want to save on the cost of iPhone LCD repair.



Tips to overcome the problems of broken screen


People experience different types of emotions after they have a broken screen. Some freak out and their heart beat rapidly seeing the damage. Others are sad for the whole day and need some time to recover from the shock. There are also people who just don't care much about it. They finally have the right reason to buy a new phone. But if you ask me, what's the smart way to handle broken an iPhone screen? The answer relates to fixing the damaged screen, nothing else. First look if the insurance or warranty covers it. If it does, fine you won't have much work to do. The company will cover the cost of repair and replacements for you. However, your phone is not insured you need to look for other possible ways. While the internet has almost all of the knowledge known to human beings, it also covers the process of repairing a broken iPhone. But with shaky hands, a little patience and too much of self-doubt you might do the repair properly. If this is the case, you can pay for a skilled technician to do the job for you.


With the iPhone damaged many experience difficulties in messaging, replying to emails, receiving notifications and other important things they used to do when the phone was working fine. Because the screen is broken you can not access the contacts, call logs or notifications. The best thing to do is make a backup of all the data to the computer. This allows the user to have access to important information when required. Maybe using the second phone is the best way to stay in touch with your business or family until the repair is done. You can buy a cheap phone online that has only basic functions of making calls and sending messages.


Overall when you have the luxury of buying a good quality iPhone screen replacement online and perform iPhone LCD installment you don't have to worry much about the repair.

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