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What is the Exact Cost of the iPhone 5S Screen Replacement Service if it’s Broken?

Cost replace iPhone 5S LCD screen



If you are looking for the best way to resolve your broken iPhone 5s screen, you’re in the right place. You will know the cheapest cost to replace iPhone 5s screen while enjoying brand new looking mobile device. On this site, you will also be introduced to the best options when it comes to repairing the screen and the difference of each option available for you. So, read on to discover the ultimate solution for you damaged iPhone 5s screen.


The cost of replacing iPhone 5S screen in three option:


  1. Fix by yourself, buy the iPhone 5s parts online (Spend money around $30~$60, spend time around 30minutes ~ 2 hours)
  2. Fix by Apple depends on your Apple warranty if you have warranty, $79 or $129.(3~4 hours, should make an appointment for 2~5 business days)
  3. Fix by repair store, 1. Bring new iPhone 5s parts, around $20.   Bring nothing, but your broken iPhone, around $69 ~ 109. Depends on your location.


If your iPhone gets cracked but it doesn’t have a warranty, you can either take it to the nearest repair shop, live with it, buy a new unit, or repair it by yourself (It will cost you around $32). However, ask yourself if you can do it on your own or have it fixed by a professional service provider in your area. Before you decide to go with the DIY project, you need to consider a proper guide to assist you while repairing the screen. In addition, if by any chance you have other warranty or AppleCare+ available in your place, you can cover the accidental damage and have your phone replaced or fixed.


Even if the user doesn’t have a warranty, Apple will still replace the broken screen in store for only $129. If you need to fix the entire unit, you will need to pay $269. However, if you want to get a challenging yet satisfying DIY repair and save the cost of replacing iPhone 5S screen, the following is an excellent guide to help you start with:


  • Gather the replacement tools and parts before anything else. You will need to ensure that everything is in place. The tools and parts that the procedure requires must be there.
  • The LCD and front panel of the iPhone are combined together so it’s better to buy single unit wherein most providers offer them this manner.
  • You will also find parts in any online mobile device parts shop with the price range of $30 to $60. Just make sure to purchase the appropriate one in order to successfully carry out the DIY process. You can read some online reviews to help you find the best shop to buy needed parts.


If the iPhone screen replacement doesn’t have the home button, there are surefire ways to help you deal with the problem. In fact, only a few replacement screens provide a fingerprint-scanning home button for iPhone 5s. Before you install your new screen, you will have to move the button to the new screen. For the tools, you will have to use thin snooping tools, Phillips 000 screwdriver, tweezers, Penta lobe screwdriver, and suction cup. These tools will assist you in removing the outer case screw of your mobile device.


Replacing the Broken Screen


Buy one piece of iPhone 5S LCD screen, My suggestion is search "iPhone 5S LCD screen wholesale in Google", check the top 10 store and choose the right one to buy.


With a proper guide, you can conveniently replace your broken screen. But please be reminded that following such steps will be your sole responsibility no matter the outcome. Repairing your iPhone 5s can be a serious matter especially if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge to fix it. So, the result of any DIY replacement is all on your shoulders. One tip is to back up your data to ensure that you still have your memory even if the process didn’t give you a positive outcome.


Eject your SIM card and remove the damaged screen; careful not to drag the front panel of your iPhone too far. When it comes to disconnecting the display cables from the iPhone 5s screen, there are simple ways to understand before doing so. Before you remove the panel completely, you will have to disconnect some of the cables in order to ensure proper dismantling. Begin with your home button that is actually covered by the tiny metal bracket.


To carefully disconnect other cables, you will have to remove the metal shield found on the motherboard’s upper part. Finally, you can now detach the remaining cables from the panel and remove them completely. Transferring your home button can be a daunting process so make sure to have your guide in place to avoid further damage to your mobile device. Before installing the new panel, remove the home button first. The button is actually touched ID-enabled so be very careful in transporting the component.


Important Things to Consider


The first thing you can do is to take out the single screws which attach the cable button. However, notice the exact position of the tiny contact found under the screw. You will need to place it in the same position after putting the panel. Then, be careful in folding the cable so you can easily access the underneath metal bracket. After that, you can now remove the screws which are attached to the bracket. When transferring the home button of the iPhone 5s from the damaged screen to the new one, a few guidelines must be considered.


It is actually a very delicate process to finally place the home button. You can apply some pressure or heat in order to soften or smoothen the adhesive. This will make the removal process much easier while taking in the new components. Always be slowly and gentle when doing this so that it will successfully work after the replacement procedure. Once the button is already removed, you can put the new panel and reattach your bracket to reposition the cables.


Installing the new screen can be simple if you only follow the right guide. So now, you are ready to replace your broken screen. Be sure to follow this guide correctly to ensure that your unit is fixed properly. Reconnecting the cables may be a delicate process so it’s important to carefully do them. The cables are located on the front panel while replacing the metal cover. Reposition the metal bracket and reconnect your home button cautiously.


Last but not the least; press your new panel to securely attach to the frame. This will ensure that all components are carefully positioned. After securing the parts, you can now switch the phone on and see if it works in order. Now that you have fixed your phone again, you can enjoy using it just as a brand new unit. Just be careful not to drop it again.

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