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‘Unified Wireless Inc Inc.’ is one of the best wholesale LCD suppliers in USA. Wholesaling is a challenging job to do in the present era. With the dynamic development in the field of technology, retailers assess as many informations as they can before buying anything. As, they can easily compare the wholesale companies, the wholesale companies need to adapt themselves to remain competitive in the market. So, the companies need to provide the customers with high quality products at much cheaper rates. If we consider the wholesale LCD screen market in the US, we will notice that the company named ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ has made a huge impact among the buyers in a very short period of time. This company in Queens, New York, has made it possible because of its ability to attract the retailers on a regular basis. The company is providing unbelievable offers and privileges to its customers consistently. Their products are getting outstanding feedbacks from the customers. The persuasive offers that they are providing are almost irresistible to the customers. The wholesale LCD supply market has always been a supply deficient one in the US. The possible reason is that there exist a huge number of consumers who requires regular supply.

‘Unified Wireless Inc.’ understands this fact and has become proactive in meeting the demand of the consumers. However, there is no surprise why Unified Wireless is one of the best Chinese wholesale LCD suppliers in the New York. ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ is an LCD wholesale company in the Flushing, NY. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It also has an ‘A’ rating on the BBB business review. The company’s website has 100% positive ratings on SiteJabber reviews. The website also has a rating of 4.9 out 5 on Google reviews. Their website is now proudly competing with the renowned ones in the present market such as- Amazon, eBAY, Aliexpress, ReVamp, DHgate, Global Sources etc. The website also has articles on iPhone screens which are very useful to the users. UW is a secure company to invest as it is registered on Datalog (company checker).


fast delivery

This is a conservative estimate. It usually takes 1-2 business days in North East USA. UW team has been packing the screens before 3:30pm order for businesss Day! (pre-order packeages: it takes 5 days. )
This Chinese LCD wholesale company is undoubtedly one of the best in Queens, NY. They have their own manufacturing company in China. So, you can directly buy from the factory. There are no intermediaries involved. This is the reason why this company never runs out of supplies. The company is an innovative manufacturer in China. They have invented the UHD screen which is now replacing the expansive OLED display. UW always researches the customer feedbacks to provide them better service. There is no Chinese company in Queens which is as much dedicated as UW. Unlike other companies, it doesn’t discriminate between individuals and big corporations. The company uses United States Postal Services for shipping. That’s why their shipping system is reliable as well as rapid.
The company provides free shipping for any purchase over $200. If someone buys more than 20 screens, the company provides 1-2 days shipping. The company also provides 30 days warranty on every product. They take test of their LCD screens 3 times before shipping to ensure the quality of their product. The company has also categorized it products into 3 qualities such as A, AA, AAA. The ‘A’ quality is for the retailers who want to make maximum profit within a short time. The AA and AAA qualities are better and more expansive as they are for individuals. UW has their own blog and recycle site for customer benefits. The articles of their blog help the customers to understand different facts about LCD screens and market competition. In their recycle site, customers can easily sell their old screens and earn money. The pricing of the company makes it unique from the rest of the LCD screen wholesalers. They are able to provide the same product at cheaper rate in comparison to others. It has become possible because they are not a retail company, they are manufacturer. This is why they can give you the product of excellent quality at the cheapest price.
UW provides special offers on different occasions. In the last ‘Mother’s day’, the company offered $100 off on every 200+ pieces purchase. The company also provides a reduction in the price with the increment in the quantity purchased. For example, let us consider the wholesale iPhone 6 LCD screen s. If you buy 20 pieces of the product, it will cost you $30.5 per piece. But if you buy 200 pieces, it will cost $28.5 per piece. That means you can save $2.00 per piece. If you are a retailer you can make a quick $400 profit by buying that. The company also provides coupons on live chat if you buy more than 200 pieces. So, you can even make a profit of 500$, if you discuss your purchase in the live chat. The iPhone 6 screen is the most demandable product in the present market. So, if you are a retailer, you can buy the wholesale iPhone 6 LCD from UW and make maximum profit.
UW is an honest company and they are fully concerned about the quality of their product. So, you can safely invest your money and get a good return. The iPhone 6 LCDs have preassembled outer glass with LCD and touch digitizer. Special toolkits are provided with each product. The pre attached Frame and LCD of the iPhone 6 are brand new and they are not being pulled from old phones. These are the reasons why you should buy the wholesale iPhone 6 LCD from UW.
Retailers always aspires to make their pocket fat with less investment. On the other hand, Individuals wish to have the best product within the budget. Keeping these two things in mind, UW is putting superlative effort to fulfill everyone’s demand. The Chinese company in undoubtedly one of the best in the NYC. Its employees put their heart and soul together to give you a defect free, intact product.
The company has become a real deal by combining hard work, capital, perseverance, labor, consistency, honesty and humbleness. Day by day, it is pulling other companies behind and pushing itself forward towards its path of success. Maybe, that day is not very far when by the name of LCD screens, people will recognize ‘Unified Wireless’ only.