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Over 1000 pieces LCD screens, 2 - 3 business days from Hongkong Factory to USA

The product demand of a market doesn’t remain same all the time. Market is a complex situation effected by so many variables and parameters. These variables tend to change market situation regularly. So, market demand of a product changes in the context of time. A super demanding product may become extinct in the market after 5 years if it doesn’t remain able to withstand the competition created by other products. In a theoretical market, the sellers always try to sell the most at the most expensive rate but in the practical market, sellers always try to offer products at the cheapest rates to attract more buyers. LCD replacement wholesale market is a highly complex market because there are so many products and peoples’ demand fluctuates very rapidly. In this market, new products arrive every now and then. That’s why the sellers need to remain versatile to overcome the odds. If we consider the present situation of the LCD screen replacement wholesale market, we will see that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the most demanding LCD screen replacements. They will remain in the top position till at least 6 months after the arrival of the new iPhone 7.


AAA quality iPhone screen


Very few companies have made such significant progress in the field of LCD screen wholesale as ‘Unified Wireless USA Inc.’ UW has its own manufacturing company in China. That’s why it has been able to produce longlasting LCD screens at very cheap rates. Some customers have also reviewed that UW’s ‘A’ quality LCD screens work as good as the original LCD screens. The company’s reliable warranty and easy return policy have made the purchasing experience absolutely risk-free. The company changes its plans and policies regularly to ensure ample supply. The company arranges regular inventories to ensure enough products in the stock. The company has run several inventories since the last four months. These inventories have made successful impact on the impression of the company. The customers, who had placed pre-orders and waited for a long time, finally got their anticipated products after those inventories. However, one big problem remained unaddressed. The problem is related to the big orders.




UW has recently emerged as the biggest Chinese LCD screen wholesaling company in Queens, New York. This fact has attracted many big corporations towards the company. UW now regularly receives big amount of orders. Big retailers are now continuously placing pre-paid orders to hold the hot and trending items such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 5s screen replacement wholesale. Such big orders are now creating problems in the warehouse of the company. This is the reason why so many inventories went in vain to keep the company at ample supply. The administrative committee of the company has tried many different approaches to mitigate this problem. They have finally invented the solution to this big quantity pre-paid order. UW screen has recently incorporated with DHL to bring the products directly from the Hongkong Office to New York. Big retail owners can set up an appointment with UW’s most professional marketing consultant in New York Headquarter Office to discuss about their purchase. They can get enough support regarding the transaction process and the time duration of the shipping of their product. They can also negotiate about the pricing of their anticipated product through the Headquarter Office. As soon as they finish their transaction in the New York Office, they will get their tracking number of DHL from Hongkong Office. It will take only 2-3 days to ship your product to your retail store from Hongkong Office through DHL.


dhl delivery


DHL Express usually does overnight delivery but the products need to be distributed throughout the United States to the customers. So, the products need to arrive to the United States from Hongkong at first. Then they will be delivered to you in the United States, regardless wherever you are in the United States. There is another work need to be done after the arrival of your product in New York. The packages need to be processed before sending them to the customer. So, you can see that your product will be assembled in New York before it reaches to you. The assembling requires a healthy amount of time. This is the reason why the delivery may take up to 3 business days. There are several benefits of purchasing big quantity wholesales of LCD screens from UW screen. The investment-benefit ratio is very high which is beyond your expectation. The ratio can be 1:10. That means, you can get even 10 times profit for your one dollar investment. The marketing consultant of UW will take care of the whole purchasing process by giving you helpful ideas and instructions. You can also get helpful ideas about selling the LCD screens from the marketing consultant. The 24 hours customer service of the company will help you to solve your each and every problem about the LCD screens.


iphone 5 screen


UW offers LCD screens at the cheapest rate possible. You can search the online market all day if you want but you won’t get any better price than UW. For example, let us consider the iPhone 5s screen replacement wholesale . If you buy a small quantity wholesale such as 200+ pieces of iPhone 5s, you’ll have to pay only 16.50$ per piece. This is way cheaper than Amazon and eBay because they sell the same screen at the rate of 30-50$ per piece. So, don’t waste your time in exploring, buy your iPhone 5s screen replacement wholesale , UW should be your first choice.

from UW screen today. The market of LCD screen wholesale is a complex and diverse one. Many fraud companies exist here. Many companies provide defective LCD screens to the customers. Some sell LCD screens at very high prices. In this situation, UW is an absolutely reliable company to buy LCD screen wholesales from. Don’t forget to buy your iPhone 5s screen replacement wholesale from UW today.