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UW: Your High Quality IPhone Screen Replacement at a Wholesale Price - Photo Problem

your iPhone screen broken



UW: Your High-Quality IPhone Screen Replacement at a Wholesale Price


Is your iPhone screen broken? Are you frustrated as you cannot use it anymore? If so, then you need not worry much anymore. This is because we are a trusted provider of wholesale screen replacement.


Why should you purchase an iPhone screen replacement?


Although the number of iPhone users is increasing, it is unfortunate to know the number of the users who have a broken, cracked or even shattered screen has increased as well. There are various factors and reasons for it and one of it is the fact that the iPhone Digitizer is made of glass, making it more vulnerable to breakage. However, iPhone users have to deal with it but when that happens, it affects their life a lot. This is because phones have been an important part of our lives as it connects us not only with our loved ones but with the whole world a well. Moreover, it has also served as a great device for entertainment. Thus, if you are one of those people who consider their iPhone as a part of their life, then you should definitely purchase a screen replacement for it. However, it is also a fact that not all screen replacements are created equal and so, you need to select carefully. That is why you need to buy from UW.


What are the great things that you can expect from a UW and our IPhone screen replacement?


  • Expertise


First of all, we are proud to say that we have been serving in this industry since 2012. From then until now, we have not failed to deliver high-quality replacement. This is mainly because of the expertise that we have. Although we have started it small, our company has continuously grown into one of the largest LCD screen as well as accessories suppliers in the nation.


  • Quality screen replacement


While some might think that the quality of the screen repairs that we are offering are not of high quality since we sell wholesale screen replacements, that’s not it. In fact, we always make sure to retain its quality and that is how we were able to provide our products and services to individuals and retailers for years. Moreover, we are not planning to stop it until our customers are allowing us to do so and until quality.


  • Screen that would not compromise the picture quality of the LCD


There are other companies whose process in creating the LCD screen causes abrasion unlike us who does it with care and with our customers in mind. We assure you that we can provide you a screen replacement that would make you feel as if your IPhone is new again. This is because we always make sure that we would not be compromising the picture quality of the LCD nor would we want our customers to experience low viewing quality.


  • Non-defective screen


Replacement screen comes with different types. There are also some sellers who sell screen replacement with many dead pixels already, which of course, affects the overall quality of the screen. On the other hand, there are also sellers like us who would not sell you replacement screen of that quality. Thus, rest assured that as you choose our company, you would be getting the highest quality possible and so, it is also not defective.


  • Lasting replacement screen


Just like what was already mentioned, our iPhone replacement screen is of high quality and so, it is safe to say that it would also last for a long time, even though you are using it on a regular basis. With that being said, you would be able to enjoy using your IPhone without losing its quality over time. Moreover, we assure you that it would provide you a beautiful display that allows you to get the most out of your device. Also, our replacement screen is also not prone to breakage.


  • Warranty ensured


As a part of our customer service, in case our customers are not satisfied with the replacement screen that we have provided them, which is not likely to happen, then they could return or exchange it as long as it is within the warranty. What makes us different is the fact that we would be the one to pay for the shipment of the new one, which means reduced cost for you. This is of course, applicable if we have discovered that there are certain problems with the replacement screen.


  • International shipping is possible


Although our company is based in the US, we have the means to make international shipping. This only means that you need not worry if you are residing outside of US. This is because we assure you that the screen replacement that you wanted to have would be delivered to you, regardless of where you are residing in the world. Just contact us for more information.


  • Broken screen recycling


We believe that as individual who are living here on Earth, it is our responsibility to reduce the waste that we are throwing in the environment. Moreover, it would be for our good as well. That is why truly take it why we have come up with the idea of recycling broken screen. Therefore, if you have a broken or unused LCD screen and you wanted to do good in the world where we are currently living in, then it would be best to send it to us and we would take care of it.


In a world where everybody is claiming that you should purchase from them, you should learn how to make the right choice. By choosing us, we would make you realize what you are paying and we would also make you realize that it is truly worth of your money. We assure you that the iPhone replacement screen that we are selling is different. This is because we know how to value your money and we great at it. Therefore, shop for wholesale IPhone screen replacement from us today!!!