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GTE LCD always s quality


For GTE's LCD screens?  NO WAY we only sell S quality products.


This problem happens when the products are related to electronics. We inspect the LCD at least three times before we ship them out to our customers, but there is still a small percentage of them that get damaged before they reach our customers do to shipping. Before our LCD screens get to you they are shipped through either USPS, UPS or FED-EX  and we try to package the screens as best as possibly but while they are shipped they might get thrown around or they get put under heavy boxes which puts excessive pressure on the LCD screens before you receive the iPhone LCD.


1. Package problem?


The first week, we use one layer bubble to package it. The second week,we use two layer bubble to package it. The result is almost same. Even when we put the bubble all inside, the result of returns don't change that much.


2. Shipping method?


All the information in the bottom is percentage of our return system as a total.

USPS : 80%

UPS : 20%

FED-EX : 0% (just using for couple days)


3. LCD's Cable easy to break?


We put LCD in the Custom boxes and with bubble. LCD's Cable is easy to break if compare to LCD screen.


Actually every LCD shipped from our factory to US, we will inspect them at least three times, but when the product is shipped to US, we still come across some defective LCD screens.


We are trying hard to find out exactly why this happens and we take care of refund and replacements, so don't worry about it. I can understand how hard it is on you  if you're a repair store and you order the LCD screen to find out it is defective and you told the customer it will be fixed tomorrow or even earlier. If you own the repair store, It's better to order some extra LCD screens for inventory. And I'm sure a lot of you guys did that already. This problem not only happen to us, it happens to others too.


What's different between Quality S, A++, A+, B+, B-? From the Information i know, first it means the percentage of defective LCD screens you receive will grow when Quality goes down. The higher quality is not easy to break, B- quality of iPhone 5C LCD price is around $27.99 on eBay. It means those owner can get this under  $15.  because eBay and Paypal will charge 11.9% + 0.3 = 3.63 .shipment and package and tools =  2.54, Its going to add up to more than $6.17 . We get the message from the LCD market, three months before, there's quality B- iPhone LCD that show up in the market. This iPhone LCD for 5 series you can get it from china under $10 without shipping cost if you buy at wholesale price. Still curious about what's the problem with iPhone 5's LCD,  if you get your iPhone replaced with one of these screens by a repair store your screen will automatically become black screen after 2~3 month or other problem.


We are the one and only company selling  S Quality iPhone LCD, all the parts are OEM except screen. But we spend more time and money on high copy screen. the hardness and display can totally compare to OEM .


In eBay, we are not making any profit, its just for you guys know our prices. Even we give the best price we can give in eBay, but still can not compare to the others iPhone LCD in eBay. I don't know how can they give such a low price on eBay. I thought about it and decided to buy some of their LCD screens. I know some LCD wholesaler sales mix of quality for customer. 50% A , 25% A+  ,25% B quality (this is Sample data ). You can get very low price if the quality is low. And some customer don't know how to distinguish between good and bad. And once you drop your iPhone screen again, it's easier to break again. That's the reason why the B quality screens are so cheap they break very easily you pay for what you get.


What happens when B quality LCD and mix quality LCD flood the market. More iPhone users break their iPhone LCD again, so they get it fixed again and the supply and demand of iPhone LCDs grow. Like before, there's more and more people breaking and buying 5C LCD. In one year iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c cell phones prices are going down. But the LCD for iPhone 5 series and 6 series is going up. The beginning price as i know for iPhone LCD price starts as low as 27 right now is like 52. buying the iPhone LCD is similar like buying stock. Lucky thing is it won't happen to Samsung LCD.


Think about it, we are recycle iPhone 5 series OEM-LCD (Broken Glass 100% Working) for $27 and someone sells the 5 series with AA quality as $22.80, $30.20 for 5C original. how can that be possible? I don't think that this is original. Even if that is OEM quality, we guaranty to take all of them. The LCD market has too many misleading adverting, especially if you don't know about iPhone LCD, if you're thinking that our price is too high, we would be happy to listen to you about which store you're buying from and how's the quality. By the way, Quality is always percentage. B- quality could work good more than 1 year, that is possible. You can not tell from looking at the outside of the product it doesn't tell you anything about the inside, Like you're buying a bag from Chanel and the High copy of Chanel, could you distinguish between them. That's why we prefer to choose the brand because brand need to take care of their quality.


GTE LCD Online Store is the brand that only sell S quality iPhone LCD and we try to give the lowest price possible to every repair store and refurnish company, etc.