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Could Apple Bring a Wave of Wireless without Headphone Jack?

The earphone has one of the headphone jack. This fact that everyone knows the sun rise in the east. In addition, when iPhone 7 probably cancels 3.5mm headphone jack, most of the people extremely oppose this idea. However, we can consider slowly. Do you really use the headphone jack frequently?

For me, I use the headphone jack frequently.I like to listen to to the music or story loudly, so the sound quality is another one for iPhone 7 should take care of. Like this, you may not care about this or just buy an extra headset for your iPhone.another thing I care about is what's iPhone 7 Screen replacement gonna be? more rigid, something like iPhone 6s LCD, make 3D touch more useful.




 If thin, can’t have headphone jack

One of the famous analysts pointed out that iPhone 7 will become thinner than the last generation, and may even be the thinnest ever in the history iPhone. There have many solutions which make the iPhone thinner. This time, all of the direction focuses on the headphone jack.


After this information, the blog of Mac Otakara indicated that iPhone has already decided to get rid of a 3.5mm headphone jack. The body of iPhone will change 1mm thin. There have two aspects of cancellation headphone jack. One is lightning interface headphone. Another is Bluetooth sort of wireless technical.





Lightning interface headphone expand the market is not a big problem by Apple. However, the buyers cannot choose more product on the market. Thus, people pay more attention in the Bluetooth solution.


Actually, Apple has registered one trademark called “AirPods” in recently three months. It is similar name “EarPods”. Some people said, “AirPods” has probably made new wireless earphone. Meanwhile, they have assumed AirPods can instead of Ear Pods. According to all the information, Apple is preparing for not having 3.5mm jack iPhone.


Why do we need traditional headphone jack?


The rate of using Bluetooth is not low than others because Bluetooth is made our life to become more convenience.  Most of the people are not used to sit down to listen to the music, but they enjoy music on the driving a car or sporting. Even without mentioning this, wireless activity brings cleanliness, convenience, and also full of temptation.




 Beside the advantage of wireless headphone, there also have three advantage about wire headphone. First of all, the good sound; there have many users to buy the wired headphone. However, most of the people believe that the good sound may, in fact, be secondary. They still cannot give up the wired headphone or simply feel miss one jackhole.

The earphones are turning the wire to become wireless headset, which may reduce the sound quality. Indeed, does the Bluetooth earphone and wire earphone have much different?


Wireless Earphone Not Bad


Wireless earphone does have the low-quality sound image to the people because the speed of transfer can have interference occur. Even the technical of Bluetooth has already developed for few years, but the speed of transfer still cannot breakthrough 1Mbps. It cannot compare with earphone wires material. This makes the Bluetooth headset cannot cope with the high bit-rate audio files. Apple can break this kind of issues.




 Apple has already added AAC format source output capability into the model of A2DP for Bluetooth. That why IOS device can support AAC audio source output. When the file finishes transfer to support AAC decoding headphones, this could avoid the traditional mode multiple code which brings degradation of sound quality.

For interference issue, the wired earphone definitely has the better advantage, but the wireless headphones provide high quality and less brother environment. This situation cannot be difficult to identify what the difference is between one and another.


In addition, the transfer speed of Bluetooth already exceeds over 192Kbps of the MP3 files. This technical is people are frequently using. For the upper level of MP3 files, people cannot distinguish what is different between each other. Even AAC needs to transfer out, the headphone of the DAC still has the quality problems. In order to minimize the volume, most of Bluetooth earphone have not the high quality of DAC wires. This point could reduce the quality of the sound, but the problem does not serious.




Even though iPhone 7 did not have 3.5mm jackhole, people will not purchase the phone much more. If we used to the item, we would perhaps find out that the traditional earphone jack hole may not be necessary for our cell phone function. Apple has already brought many attractive items to the buyers. This time, they probably move the new innovation to break old function.


Even the headphone jack does not put down, there still has lightning one. The lightning and Bluetooth still survive which does not matter. We can buy one adapter which still enjoy your own wire earphone.