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Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Waterproof

First Waterproof Cell Phone: Sony


Every time, people see two words “waterproof “ and “Three Anti-waterproof” about cell phones. Our first reaction of the SonyEricesson is. SonyEricesson Xperia Z series was the start of every single product to be waterproof. This became the special item about Sony smartphone and other brands do not have the advantage. Recently, we see the photo of advertising about SonyEricesson, which shows on below.


Sony Waterprood



Samsung then followed the step with Sony Ericsson. For example, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active, and Galaxy S4 has a waterproof function, especially Galaxy S5. However, Samsung did not like SonyEricesson to perform a long-term strategy, so Galaxy S6 has already canceled the level of IP67 waterproof performance.


We know that the SonyEricesson Xperia Z3 has the industry-leading waterproof technical (IP65/68), which provide waterproof and dustproof. Because of waterproof functional, we have more confidence to trust the cell phone. For example, we don't purposely put our cell phone in water. Meanwhile, when washing your hands, we might accidentally wash the cell phone. However, we already no longer use SonyEricesson Z3 cell phone in the long term under the water.


Having waterproof for iPhone 6s an iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 6s Waterproof


One of the YouTube user, Zech Straley, has published one video, which showed that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus put into water. After one hour later, Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was taken out from the water, which can normally work.

one time, I dropped my iPhone 5s into the toilet, I pick it up ASAP. and It still works.didn't replace iPhone 5s screen replacement for one year, it means iPhone 5s have little waterproof.


When Zach Straley tested, he chose three different times to check the conditions, which is 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour. From the result, even the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus put into water for one hour, the home bottom, touch screen, Touch 3D ID and the camera can still work very well. Meanwhile, the camera cannot see any water drops in it.


Is the condition lucky or fortunate? In order to clarify this issue, iFixit decided to dismantle iPhone 6s. They found out that iPhone 6s really have the waterproof design into the phone. Right now, Apple users don't have to be jealous of the SonyEricesson. If the weather was raining, you could use the iPhone 6s Plus instead of using an umbrella.


How to do the waterproof for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus


  • Using a lot of Glue


After the team of iFixit was dismantling, The LCD screen of iPhone 6s has a lot of glue. Therefore, the screen of iPhone 6s cannot be easily opened. iPhone 6s has specially made screws make more stable, so a lot of tapes or adhesive composition made the screen waterproof.


Glue about iPhone 6s


We can see from the picture, which iPhone 6s has a lot of glue on the side. The purpose is similar to SonyEricesson’s waterproof gasket.


  • Designed to Fine-tune

iPhone 6s picture



To be able to replace the more appropriate waterproof gasket, iPhone 6s’s border increased 0.3mm, so it offers sufficient space for the gasket.


internal of iPhone 6s


In addition, iPhone 6s’s motherboard cable interfaces also added a lot of new silicone sealing gasket. These pads obviously improved the iPhone 6s waterproof performance and prevent cable short-circuited after getting in the water, damaged and unable to use.


This year in March, Apple filed a “protection of electronics equipment components from wet method” of technology patents. This patent mentioned vapor deposition technique using advanced equipment sensitive components, and the using of silicone seal protection of welding points.


At present, we are not sure that the waterproof of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus whether it directly related to Apple’s patented technology.


Although iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus’s water-resistant, this function only can resist the shallow waters. If the water is too deep and the water pressure is affected, the phone still would not work properly because of the water pressure.


Deep water test


The user of YouTube, Zach Straley, put the iPhone 6s into the deep of 4 inches at the swimming pool. Only one minute, the screen of cell phone had a lot of issue about Touch situation. After two minutes, the part of the screen cannot work very well. Few minutes later, iPhone 6s Plus became hot and hot. Two hours later, the device was dead and cannot turn on.


Why does Apple stay low about Waterproof


iPhone 6s



Apple learned lessons of SonyEricesson to prevent the ridiculous customers from bringing iPhone for swimming and diving and being careless to put into the washing machine. Because many of customers bought a Sony Xperia Z series phones, they were not afraid to protect the phone relief the water. The result that Sony had many cases about the exchange and asks for refunding the phone. They must pay and respond all complaints which made the company’s image to become lower. That is why Apple does not announce iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have the waterproof performance.


advtisment of Sony


On the other hand, the reason of Apple does not announce the waterproof, because the company wants to keep this function and then make high-profile publicity for the next generation iPhone 7. This is same as a strategy which Apple probably will do.

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