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Know the Main Features of iPhone 7 now

Which one is real iPhone 7


It is during these earliest times of the product lifecycle, while using iPhone 6S and 6S Plus still inside their relative youth that this chatter concerning what shall come next are at its most fabulous. Since the day the brand new models first appeared, Apple die-hards are already trawling the Internet on the lookout for the rumors, leaks and dubious pronouncements created by anonymous supply chain sources.


And yet Apple remains as tight-lipped as always on what the next generation holds. So, what else am I allowed to do? Predicting not able to the iPhone has turned into a full-time, year-round sport, and now we present here a curated bunch of the most intriguing gossip about Apple's latest thing.


The 6S and 6S Plus were unveiled on September 9 colliding with store shelves on September 25, and now we have every reason to anticipate the next major update in the future around this same period in 2016.


Though no official invitations are actually made yet, however, the company's newest event is rumored to become scheduled for March 2016.


Despite the fact that we have months to wait until the iPhone 7 launches, rumors have been completely trickling out, giving us some particularly of what we might see in the event the device is released.


iPhone 7 is without a doubt going to be the complete smartphone Apple has ever released. Apple will need the care of the many demands and introduce the smartphone filled with all extra features and advancements. Apple has created its name because of its game-changing habits ever since the start. From Macintosh to iPod, refer to it a company that will not believe in being dedicated to the rules, but is now being hailed as a result of the breakthroughs it's been giving to its users with regards to user experience, hardware, and software. With the launch of iPhone 7, it truly is expected that Apple will flaunt some options that come with a top class that can leave you asking for something more.


Main Features of iPhone 7


Bigger Display


Speculations point out that the new iPhone will probably be bigger than before. Yes, larger than the iPhone 6s Plus. The screen size is without a doubt going to incorporate the pleasure of viewing because the videos will probably be clearer and also the pictures will likely be a much bigger crisper, "bigger than life" to include the correct metaphor. The screen and clarity conditions that iPhone 5 users experienced hopefully will never be repeated again and Apple needs to be working with superior clarity. Besides this, there have been rumors speculating linked to the home button. The home button is going to be replaced with a Touch ID sensor that's under consideration for iPhone 7 developers. This will surely certainly be a great initiative to present better navigation possibilities.

Just like Apple watch, the creators may likely to use sapphire glass rather than Gorilla glass to make the modern iPhone more resistant and durable. It is also said that the revolutionary addition to the iPhone family apply liquid metal that's quite durable and as compared to aluminum. Broken screen issues will likely be solved thereafter.


You also can expect to unlock iPhone 7 with face recognition method which can make it a good deal safer than before.


Better Camera


This could be the era when folks are getting obsessed over selfies and cameras and Apple is just likely to ignite with a lot more fire. The company is planning to ensure that you don’t must carry a digicam anymore.

The back camera is alleged to offer 14 megapixels whereas leading camera will likely be ideal for selfies using a whopping 8MP, stands out as the first one today. The camera specifications are likely to take a roll with the brand new iPhone 7.


Faster Processor


A processor could be the backbone associated with an electronic device, especially a smartphone. It ensures smooth performance and fewer trouble in multitasking for the phone. When it comes to some processor, Apple has become a pioneer in trying something new to present its users a seamless experience and trouble free performance.


iPhone has always deployed the top-notch architecture and technology as well as the new iPhone won't make different with this habit. Speculations have pointed towards an A10 Quad Core Processor or can be an even better one which may take the multitasking to some whole new level.


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