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Apple has cancelled the screen of IOS device under the exactly home button. If the story was real, this becomes one of the big news for iPhone and iPad users.

First generation iPhone came out, Apple used real home button design, which already became one of the classic design about IOS device. Recently generation iPhone installed fingerprint inside of the home button. At the Android and Windows Phone club, many products of smartphone cancelled home button design, but Samsung Galaxy Series still has this design.


According to the information, Apple continues solving display screen and single-chip solution to install a new device.  Touch Display Driver Integration (TDDI) includes the fingerprint sensor. This means that fingerprint sensor can no longer be built into the home button, but it will be integrated into the screen inside.


In addition, Apple always interests in intercom finger sensor technology. The patent applications can be seen Apple’s acquisition of the related technology. In 2012, Apple acquired sensor technology company AuthenTec, and then they provided Touch ID.


TDDI technology is one of the industry-leading solutions, which provided by Synaptics Technical Inc. in America this year. After the company bought the single-chip Renesas SP Drivers, their own touch technology chip and Renesas SP Drivers screen technology combined together. In the end, TDDI technology has published the chips solutions. Last year, Apple had acquired Renesas SP Drivers company’s plans, but the agreement ultimately failed.


When Apple used new TDDI chip, the home button will be cancelled from traditional IOS device. The original home button will be functionality into the screen. Apple applied for the related patents, but how Apple will use. Now, it does have any information to publish news.




The function of force touch does not change the home button.


Indeed, after using Apple Watch, many people have discovered that Apple Watch does not have any real home button, which does not affect Apple Watch to use. If this function will use for the iPhone in the future, it would not be hard to do the thing. It may become one of the attractive for iPhone. Recently, there has one information indicated that next generation of iPhone has forced Touch function. The pressure-sensitive touch features of Force Touch enrich the level of user actions. The device can be made different depending on the intensity of feedback.


In the Apple Watch, when you push the information setting, you can have three option: reply, detail and send location. Force Touch is very useful to instead of the home button function at IOS device.


Force Touch for iPhone can add a new dimension. For instance, double-check the home button view the currently running program features. In the future, the operation can be used instead of the weight. Meanwhile, now the quick press of home button touch three times, which can open the VoiceOver and other auxiliary functions.  Its corresponding pressing can be achieved future efforts.


Force Touch can improve Touch ID fingerprint registration information. The user must put the finger on the home button and then leave to open. In the future, Force Touch technical will help the users to push the home button, and continue moving your finger to complete registration. IPhone will use the home emulation layer to open and close the sensor, and then reads the fingerprint of each part of the user data.


Force Touch also can expand gameplay liter physical dimensions, and improve video camera experience. We can assume to use Force Touch technical. The users can use different pressing force and change iSight of the focal length of the camera.


After the home button functions are replaced by Force Touch, the screen area will become more and the body of cell phone design will be more simple. Most people expressed that they expect to force touch function into next generation of the iPhone after Apple Watch using.


During the developing, we could directly use iPad or iPhone screen to achieve any mission, which is not needed to go through the home button. If we needed to use Touch ID function, we have to put our finger on the screen to do the identity.

All the function depends on screen, So Apple needs to take care of more on iPhone LCD. 3D touch cause iPhone screen replacement price gets high. can image how hard gonna be for iPhone screen replacement wholesaler

When the home button will cancel, it means the same size of the iPhone device become smaller and easier to handle the device. If the next generation of iPhone size were 4.7 and 5.5 inches, the body of iPhone would probably change minimum iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has no reason to narrow border design plus using the home button, the body of iPhone 6 Plus can be similar with the size of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Meanwhile, the size of iPhone 6 can be compared with 5 inches of Android cell phone.


About the weight aspect, we can be easy to measure how much weight of small size home button. But if home button cancelled, the weight of iPhone would reduce than latest generation. The devices become lighter, which is one of the goals of many mobile phone manufacturers.


For the home button cancellation, the benefit is not useful for the iPhone and iPad also can gain an advantage. For example, iPad Air 2 is cancelled, the size of iPad Air 2 will become smaller. Meanwhile, the weight of iPad Air 2 is lighter than as usual, which the users can be the more attractive iPad product.


Some people have the different opinion about the home button. It means that Apple already makes a very serious decision about the cancellation home button. If this became real, Apple would guarantee force touch is more useful than the real home button. Otherwise, some customers will be resisted the risk to buy a product. However, if some buyers tested Apple Watch’s Force Touch, they would perhaps not deny this function, because the pressure of force touch function is more simple and comfortable.




The users expect home button cancellation. The period probably waits for one year, but it does not matter. Apple introduces a mature enough, the user experience is good enough touch buttons. Moreover, it also allows Apple has plenty of time to re-design is no physical home button of the iPhone and iPad tablet.


After reading this article, do you really support or object about home button cancellation?