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Why the iPhone prices dropped off last week? - Change the photo

‘Unified Wireless Inc. USA’ is a LCD screen wholesale company in
the US. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of the iPhone LCD wholesale
in Queens, NY. The company sells the LCD screen replacements of each and every
model of the iPhone including the iPhone 6 LCD screen replacements . The
company is always dedicated in the service of the iPhone users. The price of the
iPhones dropped off last week. Did you know that? If you were waiting for the
reduced price, then this might be your time. Well, there are several factors working
behind the fall in the price of the iPhone. The iPhone is the brand flag of the Apple
Inc. Many people aspire to buy this brand because it is designed to mesmerize a
regular phone user. Unlike other brands, the price of the iPhones remains stable
years after years. The high demand and the aesthetically value of the phones are
probably the reasons behind it. Even in the developing countries, people tend to
buy iPhones because they can be used roughly for a long time. That’s why people
aspire to buy the iPhones by spending their saved money. The iPhones have some
unique features unlike other phones. The iPhones are well structured and very
hard. So, it rarely harms the phone if it falls on the ground. Even they are water-
proof. The screen is also very difficult to be scratched. The successive iPhone
models tend to bring out the latest technology possible. For example, the iPhone 5S
introduced the fingerprint technology. However, with loads of features and
excellent toughness, the iPhone has become the best mobile phone brand in the
world. So, here we can see that if the price of the iPhone drops off, there might be
some big reasons. The reasons can be based on the economical aspect or the future
plan policy of the company. Whatever the reason, the reduction in the price of the
iPhone is certainly a good news for the buyers.


The price of the iPhone dropped off last week. It is a recent phenomenon. If
you are planning to buy an iPhone, you would be delighted by hearing this news.
Well, this fall in the price of the iPhone was predicted by many experts. The
biggest reason behind it, is the arrival of the iPhone 7 in the market in the
September. There is only 2 months left till the arrival of the highly anticipated
model of this brand. After arrival, it will definitely draw the focus of many
customers. So, it is beneficial if the company can sell the older models as much as
they can before the new one knocks at the door. Previously, in April 2016, apple
dropped the price of iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 in Japan by 10%.

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Moreover, iPhone prices also dropped in the India in the February this year. In the
USA, there are more regular ups and downs in the price of the iPhones comparing
to the other part of the world. That’s because the demand of the iPhone is more in
the US than the rest of the world. The price of the iPhones is also the least in the
US than elsewhere. We all know, that there is the US presidential election feud
going on. This is the perfect time to reduce the price of the iPhone because it will
trigger the people to buy more iPhones. As after the election, there is a possibility
of an economic instability, it is wise to buy commodities now rather than waiting
for the future. There is another big factor working behind the fall of the price of the
iPhone. The Independence Day that took place this week was instrumental in the
price fall of the iPhones last week. As it is a huge occasion in the US, more people
are buying iPhones as the price is reduced. These are not the only reason behind
the price fall of the iPhone. If you consider the bigger picture, you will see that there is a future plan of the company. The main buyers of the iPhone have been the rich portion of the society. To increase the number of users, Apple is now continuously using this price reduction technique to attract the middle class people.


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If you research the price of this iPhone 6 LCD screen replacements from UW.  iphone6 lcd screen replacements internet, you will see that the price of this screen is 54.88$ which is more than
double than the UW.


The price reduction of the iPhones that occurred last week is certainly good news for the buyers. If you are thinking about buying your favorite iPhone, then this is your time. The company has its own future agendas and policies on pricing. But it is a good indication for the middle class buyers that the company has begun to think about them. UW hopes that the price of the iPhones will continue to be reduced so that everyone can get the taste of this amazing technology. Last but not
least, if you ever face any problem with your LCD screens, then remember UW your company.