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If you've somehow ended up with a broken iPhone screen then here are steps that will show you how to fix the broken screen by yourself. Before you start the repair mission ensure that you have read the whole procedure


Backup the data in your iPhone


 To do this, you can connect your phone to a computer and backup the data over iCloud, dropbox, iTunes or any other online storage. Or else you can just transfer all the data to external HDD or hard drive on your computer.


Get all the tools necessary for the operation.


All the tools can be bought online. If you do a Google search on iPhone 5C Lcd repair you can find many online providers who offer these tools in a repair kit. Before you order a repair kit make sure you are ordering a kit for the right type of phone model.  This ensures that your repair work will give you desired results. Below is the list of tools that are required to perform an iPhone 5C screen replacement


    • A #00 Phillips screwdriver
    • Replacement LCD screen.
    • Rubbing alcohol, heat gun, hair dryer, Q-tips
    • Scraping tool, a razor blade or guitar pick
    • Superglue, scissors, and double-sided tape
    • Tweezers and a suction cup


Let's begin,

1.As always before working on any electronic device, make sure to turn it off. So the first and easiest step to start repairing your iPhone 5C is to turn your phone off.



2.Next have the phone, repair tool kit and the screen replacement on a table. Make sure space is clean and preferably spread with a white cloth or paper.



3.Remove Penelope screws located in the bottom of the iPhone



4.Once the bottom portion of the screen is released, now gently shell the device open. Note that there are still connectors attached to the upper portion of the iPhone.

Picture4 Picture5




5.To get to the connectors that hold on the screen, you have to remove the Philip head screws that hold down the metal retaining plate.



6.Now that the retaining plate is removed, you can gently pry up on the connectors using a nylon spudger or plastic prying tool. With the screen removed, now we can transfer the screen from an old screen to new assembly.

Picture10 Picture11


7.We will start by removing ear speaking assembly and the metal back plate. The assembly is held on by Philip head screws and the metal retainer.

Picture12 Picture13


8.Now that the Philip head screws are removed the retainer will pyre off as shown. Underneath, the ear speaker that freely set can be pulled off as well. If glass shards start falling from the screen, then make sure you remove it.

Next start to remove the Philip head screws on the metal back plate.



9.With the screws removed, pop up the metal back plate. With a little heat applied to the upper portion on the back, the plate will help to release the ribbons. Now set aside the back plate as we will use this on the new assembly.



10.Next we will remove the light and proximity sensor retainer



11.Now we will put the proximity sensor retainer on the new assembly.



12.Use a very small dab of super glue to help hold the proximity sensor retainer on. Now transfer the home button to the new assembly.



13.The home button is held down by the retaining plate and the Philip head screws. A small amount of heat will heat to separate the adhesive from the ribbon.




14.Now gently you can pry the ribbon away from the frame and also remove the home button and set it to the side



15.Now transfer the home button back into the new iPhone 5c LCD screen assembly. Make sure it is centered. With the home button secured, now you can transfer the ribbon back into the assembly.

Picture23 Picture24


16.Re-insert the two Philip head screws. When re-inserting the metal back, plate reinserts the upper portion of it first.  Aligning front facing camera, proximity sensor and light sensors into the retainers.  Now insert the ear speaker and ear speaker retainer.



17.Now insert the Philip head screws and re-insert the Philip back plate screws Before reinstalling the screen assembly, it’s good to check over your work. Make sure you have all screws, everything seated perfectly and the front facing camera lines.



18.When installing the connector ribbons, make sure you are gentle. Do not force the connector. Be very light with the touch. When aligned perfectly they will snap into place.



19.Before re-installing the retaining plate, make sure all the connectors are perfectly seated

Now reinsert the Philip head screws. Now reinstall the screen and power ON the device for testing



20.When reinstalling the screen make sure to work your way from the upper portion of the screen and down. It will clip into place.



21.Now Switch On the device and test it. Insert your password and check if everything is fine.



Reinsert the Penelope screws.

Repair over.

That's a long process. If you want to skip all these steps and get the screen fixed quickly then run down to a repair shop. They have expert repair technicians who can fix your iPhone screen quickly or you can find someone help you repair iPhone 5C LCD. Also, buy an iPhone 5c LCD replacement online before hand to minimize the cost of replacement. Usually, the cost of LCD mobile screens is lower at UW or any other online stores. Make sure you go compare different rates and buy the screen at the best value.

Other than referring to the tutorial above, you can also research online to know the process of screen replacement better. When you are doing this yourself, make sure you are calm and have the patience to handle tiny parts. The whole iPhone 5c LCD screen for a first timer takes a lot more time. So do not get frustrated just make sure everything is right and get back your old lovely phone.

There are resources online who do repairs a little differently which involves using suction cup etc. But the process of removing and re-inserting parts is almost the same. Overall, it all comes down to doing it right to get the screen fixed. When you are done repairing your phone, share your views here at UW.LCD iPhone 5C Black, Combines a Touch Screen Di...

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