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what should i do if i drop my iPhone very often?

Are you one of those people that just constantly drop their iPhone or get mad and throw your iPhone on to the table?

I am one of those who drop my iPhone very often, the lucky thing is my screen never broke on me. My girlfriend's iPhone wasn't that lucky, she has broke her iPhone screen 4 times, this includes her iPhone 4s once, iPhone 5s once, iPhone 6 twice. She spends $200 dollars and up every year on her T-Mobile insurance, even tho she bought the insurance for her new iPhone, the screen replacement will cost her more then $100 and up if she accidentally breaks her iPhone screen. I don't know much about Apple insurance, but I suggest that you never buy T-Mobile insurance. They tell you that if you lose, break, or if your iPhone is stolen you just pay a $200 dollar deductible for a brand-new iPhone 6, but in reality they just gave us a refurbished one. In the end the total we spent on all her iPhone repairs were more than $500 dollars for replacing her iPhone's broken screen and to buy a refurbished iPhone from T-Mobile insurance.


Is there anyway that can help you protect your iPhone screen from breaking when you drop it?

Yes of course.


1.screen protector

Credibility : ★★★

Price : ★


screen protector


I read some post about how screen protectors protect your iPhone screen.  Screen protectors will absorb the force of the impact and will break instead of the iPhone screen replacement. When the LCD screen breaks that means that the force of impact was more than what your  iPhone Screen could handle (when dropped screen facing downwards). Five screen protectors only cost you less than $15 dollars, in GTE screen's online shop,GTE has screen protectors for iPhone 5S / 5 / 5C Screen Protector Cover ,Phone 6 Screen Protector Cover,Phone 6 plus Screen Protector Cover is same price as $1.99(include tax).

It all depends on how much force is hitting the screen upon impact. Tempered glass screen protector contains 4 protective( Nanastructured Coating,Tempered Glass,Explosion-proof-film,Silicone Coating) layers as illustrated in the image above.

The layers are based on combinations of polymeric material, and are extremely effective at softening and spreading the force of impact .


2.iPhone Case

Credibility : ★★★★

Price : ★★★

A lot of Apple customers trust iPhone cases can protect their iPhone screen when they drop their iPhones. In this regard, I keep a neutral stance.

It depends on which style and type of iPhone case you are using.

iPhone case brand : LifeProof.

1.Water and Snow Proof.
Shock Proof: Withstands drops from 6.6'/2 m

The case for iPhone 6 is around $60 ,  5S/5c/5 is around $40 . (I check the price in Amazon)

2.iPhone case brand : OtterBox

Water and Snow Proof.

shock proof : less drop protection than OtterBox.

Price is only 60% of Life Proof case.

3.Others : When you buy the iPhone cases from the street that cost around $10, you can buy it in eBay around $2~ $5. (I wholesale a little from china for sell before.)

Don't ever hope this style and type of iPhone case can protect your iPhone screen when you drop your iPhone. It's only for making your iPhone look beauty.


3. Three Tips to Cultivate Good Habits

Credibility : ★★

Price : ☆

  1. if you are a girl, better put your phone in your bag(zipped). Remember put it back when you're not playing with it.
  2. Don't place your iPhone on the edge of tables.
  3. Try to calm down when you throw your iPhone.


4. Hide the truth that your iPhone screen is break and also look awesome .

Credibility : ☆

Price : ☆
pretend your screen is still good


The only problem : Ryu's hadukin will hurt your hand.


5.  Liquid Glue Adhesive iPhone 5 5S 5C LCD Glass Screen Repair

Credibility : ☆

Price : ★★


glue iphone screen glass


glue iphone screen glass


glue iphone screen glass


glue iphone screen glass


Tips: better try on other peoples iPhone when you try to use the hammer on the screen and don't use the brand new one, I'm not sure if this gonna hurt your eyes or not. I found it from Internet.


Good News :

Apple has found a new Technology for protecting iPhone screen when it drops down. (Not easy to break your iPhone screen, doesn't means impossible to break, at least won't be like the picture on the top, use hammer and still work good.)

can read this in Apple patents active fall protection system

It seems like we still need to wait for a long time and they also have a lot of technology that attract us. But i don't hear any information about those.

But if this technology works, I believe a lot of iPhone repair store will close their own store. Because replacing iPhone screen LCD is their major income. Also the number of people buying Apple insurance will be reduced.

For Customers, this technology is awesome.  but this is shocking and bad news for iPhone repair store. Even for the companies that wholesale iPhone LCD,Samsung LCD have to make a lot of changes.


For Me:

I'm using Verizon and paid $8 for my iPhone 6s, $2 for iPhone insurance each month. I can change my iPhone 6s if my iPhone 6s screen LCD breaks, I don't know if they going to take care of me if I break it twice.


For you guys:

Good luck, I Hope your iPhone screen doesn't break when you drop it.