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Buy iPhone 5C cheap screen replacement!

iPhone 5C cheap screen replacement


When it comes to your cell phone you need to make sure that it is always in working order. Broken cell phones often lead to annoyances and irritability, and even more extreme cases. You might miss an important meeting because your phone failed to inform you about it or even worse: you might be stuck in an emergency situation where you need to use your phone immediately and you are not able to.


The main components that break the most frequently and breaks the easiest are the screen. If you have ever been victim to a broken screen, you will know that it can be the most irritating thing under the sun. Nothing compares to a broken cell phone screen. If you are lucky, the phone still works, but more often than not, the phone has been completely broken and you can’t do anything with it.


This can lead to even more troubles: you will not be able to access the files on your phone and living the digital era, we often forget to make backup copies. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to make sure that you repair your cell phone screen right away.


At GTE Screen, everything is always in working order, even if your phone is not! You can be sure that you will find the best prices on this website. They sell everything from Samsung phone screens to tablet screens, but most importantly they specialise in Apple phone screens. This is the best place for you to buy iPhone 5C cheap screen replacement at the most affordable prices online.


The reason why they are so incredibly cheap is because of the fact that they are a wholesale store. They buy these iPhone 5c cheap screen replacement directly from the factory and sell it to you with minimal markup attached. Their shipping rates are extremely affordable and their service is fast enough so that your broken cell phone screen never bothers you again. You can make use of their friendly service and online chat line so that a team of specialised experts can help you with any query that you might have.


As wholesalers, they need to know exactly what the clients want and what they need. They have a wide knowledge of different types of cell phone screens on the market and they recommend only the best materials so that your phone lasts.


There are two major types of screens that you can buy from wholesalers – OEM screens and high copy screens. There is a significant difference between the two and as professionals, GTE screen has done the most research they could to ensure that you get the best value for your money. The last thing that you want to do is to buy another screen in a few months’ time. They have found that the OEM screen is generally better, but it depends on a number of factors from the client’s side. Here are a few major differences between OEM screens and high copy screens.



OEM Screens


Generally speaking, OEM screens are a much better quality screen for your phone. These are the screens that the manufacturers use when they build the phone the first time around. The screen is up to date, up to standard, and will suit your phone immediately. It is the recommended version because it will be the same screen that has been installed as the first one that was installed on the phone by the factory. You will still have the same pixels, image clarity, and durability as the previous screen that will be replaced. OEM screens are LED which makes for better viewing and it is not as strenuous on your eyes. Even though this is the more preferred option that clients should go for, it is often the more expensive version. UW Screens keep their prices as low as possible, but the OEM screen will always cost more than any other screen that you look at or would want to purchase to be installed on your phone or tablet. It is for this reason that the OEM screen is not the first choice or recommended option that will be offered to you by UW Screens. They want you to save as much as you can for a long time to come.


High copy screen


The high copy screen is a cheaper version of repair, but this does not mean that it is rendered useless or inferior to OEM screens. What this means is that it is just so much more easily accessible for people who do not want to pay more for an OEM screen to be fitted onto their phone or tablet. In fact, 80% of factory wholesalers equip their repairs with a high copy screen phone so it is clear that it is, in fact, more popular than the OEM screen. The high copy screen does not differ significantly from the OEM screen. It has a keen eye one will see that there is a very, very tiny change in pixel quality and image clarity, but the difference is not so big that it would cause a problem. You will still be able to enjoy beautiful clarity images and photos on your newly repaired phone. The only difference will be the fact that the screen has not been manufactured by the factory. This is not a problem for users of cell phones or tablets. In fact, it should be a happy alternative for those who want to save more!

It is clear from the above discussion then that UW Screens want what is best for their clients, which is mainly to save money and to enjoy their phones or tablet functions. Now that you know exactly what the differences are between the two screens, you will be able to make an informed decision about the screen you want to be installed when you contact them. There more you know, the better your choices become.

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