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Top 10 Possible Function for the Apple iPhone 6C

In the beginning of this month, the news indicated that Apple will reduce to manufacture iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus over 30% in next three months. The analysis indicated that Apple will decrease manufacturer because of the currency increasing, which affects the price of the device will increase. Meanwhile, Apple reduced the order of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This is for providing iPhone 6C products.The iPhone 6s Screen replacement price drop down from $250, It's $150.99 only now.


About coming up of small screen of iPhone, the name of the product has a lot of assumption such as iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S Mini or iPhone 5E etc. Base on the Apple’s strategy, a new small size of iPhone probably named by iPhone 6C.


The similarity of iPhone 5C, iPhone 6C also focus on the new market for Apple fans. They can spend cheaper price to experience Apple products and iPhone technical function.  iPhone 6C has ten attractive function. Let us look at those together. From the news, iPhone 6C will have the same size of the screen iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which is one of the 4 inches’ screen.  The screen resolution is 1136 × 640 pixels and is similar iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.


As a comparison, iPhone 4 and 4S screen resolution is 640 × 960. IPhone 6 and iPhone 6S screen resolution is 750 × 1334 pixels. IPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus screen resolution are 1080 × 1920 pixels.




 Metal Shell and Multiple Color

The cover case of iPhone 5C is the plastic material. Although the plastic material is stronger than other cell phone cover material, but there is still the plastic material. Until the iPhone 6C, it will use the metal cover around the phone. Do you think that is the attractive version for the iPhone 6C?


IPhone 6C will continue offering more color of iPhone 5C. iPhone 5C has blue, yellow, pink, green and white. IPhone 6C also has the same color with iPhone 5C. However, someone assumes that iPhone 6C has golden, silver, and gray, but it does not have rose gold. The designer of Ferry Passchier created more color iPhone 6C rendered picture:




Real iPhone 6C Picture:



 2.5D Screen

IPhone 6C also has one 2.5D Glass screen which is same with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. 2.5D becomes one of the sales points on the cell phone manufacturers.  2.5 D screen cell phone include Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Google Nexus 6, and Xiaomi Note. The 2.5D glass screen makes the 2D screen of iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and Note Edge.


 What is the advantage of 2.5 D? Expect version view, 2.5D glass screen has the sleek and smooth feeling when you touch the screen. Now Many gestures are needed from the edge of the screen slide. 2.5D screen can provide a more comfortable feeling. For example, the bottom of iPhone goes up to get into the control panel; the upper of iPhone goes down to enter notification center.


A9 Processor

IPhone 6C is one of small screen iPhone, which will have A9 Processor. The speed of the phone is same iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.


IPhone 6C uses A9 processor which provided by TSMC and Samsung supplier. Those two suppliers have different technical. Therefore, it will have TSMC 16nm A9 Processor and Samsung 14nm A9 Processor. First of all, Apple wanted to use TSMC 20nm technology, but late found, FinFET can offer iPhone 6C Processor speed is more quickly and effective function. Beside A9 Processor, iPhone 6C also owns M9 Processor to help the innovation.



This year, Apple final upgraded RAM from 1GB to 2GB, which makes the speed of iPhone become faster and faster. The mission of technology will become easier.


We are worried whether iPhone 6C makes 2GB RAM.  Therefore, it will become one of the cheaper cell phone (the price will be lower than iPhone 6S). Before iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, 5C and iPhone 5 are all using 1GB RAM. If the device of iPhone 6C was 2GB RAM and offered A9 Processor, the users would never buy the old version of iPhone 6.


800 – Megapixel Rear Camera


IPhone 6C expected to be equipped with the 800-megapixel camera. The size is 1.5u pixel size which is same with iPhone 6. The camera includes the f/2.2 of aperture, flashlight, Infrared filter, support Image Stabilization, support facial recognition, Auto HDR, Burst Mode, Panorama Mode, and 1080p video record etc.  Front camera assumes 1.2 million pixels, F /2.2 Aperture, support 720p HD Video Record, support Auto HDR, support facial recognition and burst mode.


16GB Storage Space.


iPhone 6S already gets rid of 16GB storage space, but iPhone 6C does not have any reasons to give up 16GB. Even though 16GB is very small to us, but the storage of Apps, the size of the picture, HD video have become bigger and faster than the previous version.  If you did not use that iPhone took the picture and not record video, iPhone would be enough to use 16GB storage.


iPhone 6C will still use IOS 9 system, which improves an internal system and
has the version of storage space lower than prevision version. Therefore, Apple does provide 16GB storage space to the buyers, which is not surprised us.


Touch ID




What is the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S? iPhone 5S has Touch ID function. After this generation, every device of iPhone has Touch ID, so iPhone 6C will also have this function to provide the buyers.


In May 2015, On of the picture shows that the bottom lightning of iPhone on the official website Apple. com. This generation of iPhone looks like iPhone 5C, but the device has Touch ID, which means that the original of picture iPhone 6C has been posted up by accident.


1642mAh Battery


There has information that the battery of iPhone 6C is more 72mAh energy than iPhone 5S 1570mAh. This proof that the battery of iPhone 6C probably has 1642mAh. To compare, the battery of iPhone 6S is 1715mAh.


Apple Pay




Apple has expanded Apple Pay to develop the international market around the world. Therefore, iPhone 6C has supported this function. Apple has already made the deal with China UnionPay. Apple Pay will explore the market into China market.