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Don’t Worry: if the iPhone 6S was not enough



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Apple upgrades the system one time, which is important to Apple development. There is no doubt that the sales of iPhone as well as are increasing to improve the Apple’s revenues.

There's a rumor: Apple try to make iPhone screen replacement easy to break, so customers can buy every new version. This is good for Apple company and iPhone LCD Screen wholesale supplier. But sad for customers, even we trust Apple quality and its brand. profit can always block their eyes.

Over the years, Apple is very familiar with the updated cycle of products by the Tick-tock. The period of tick-tock is similar Intel processor. “Tick” generally refers to change in a major upgrade and structure. Apple also has the similar strategy such as the major upgrade of iPhone.

When the topic about Apple’s unlimited growth capability, people always discuss this situation. Although Apple’s iPhone sales have been increasing rapidly, but there has to face the period of deceleration.

Suppose one day, Apple iPhone sales already reduced, the investors should not be surprised and upset, but they still feel the same. It may be the title of “iPhone sales going down” is more attractive. Most of the investors see this title, they still feel heartbreak. However, this is what will happen naturally. Especially the branch amount of iPhone sales, every year there is increasing. Actually, this is very difficult.

In addition, from the last generation of iPhone until the present, the sales of iPhone like that people climb the stair step by step, which is a miracle. Indeed, the group of Android Samsung will continue increasing in few years, but last year Samsung Galaxy S5 the situation of sales decline. Meanwhile, iPhone still is going up, which means that iPhone has many loyal customers to support their product.

From the period of tick-tock, last year iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out which is a big development for the smartphone market. These two cell phones already brought that the sales of iPhone become new upgrade in the cell phone section.


Number of Product Cycles


On the other hand, this picture is for the period of iPhone products. In 2012, since iPhone 5 began, Apple’s iPhone comes out the period from October to September. Therefore, the time of new generation comes out which is a brand new strategy for the improvement and development of Apple products. According to the data of weekly sales iPhone, the period of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are stable and strength. The sales are always increasing. Until now, the sales of iPhone is still going up and not stopping. In the future, it is possible to reach two billions of items. Apple is potential to climb this target because Apple already goes to the big screen market.


Number of products


Back to our first question: Does iPhone 6S surpass iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to become more successful?
Last year, the screen size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are highlight point. Even iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have the Force Touch to become the highlight about this product. In addition, this highlight is a weakness. Until now, Force Touch will be used on smart Apple Watch and MacBook’s Touch. Most of the users do not have any positive reaction about this function. However, some of the Apps can use the part of a function to achieve this new innovation.

Beside this Force Touch, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus does not have any highlight point to sell, because most users do not care so much this function. If this situation came out for a long-term period, Apple does not worry too much because they can maintain the level of sales and earn the benefit with the previous generation. By the way, iPhone is a big winner in the smartphone industry.

Apple released the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on September 2015. This device will be powered by A9 chip. Apple iPhone 4 started from the beginning for its smartphones equipped with self-developed A-series chips. A series chips are the importance of Apple’s mobile devices. It is updated every year so that the processing performance and efficiency of the new equipment has increased dramatically. Apple always makes sure that the whole device will work well. That is why Apple has a brand amount of the loyal customers to choose their devices, then this year, Does A9 become the reason of users’ upgrading their device?

According to the recent information, Apple A9 processor uses FinFET 14/16 nanometer process technology. The number of transistors A9 is more than A8, which cannot only make A9 performance has significantly improved performance. Meanwhile, A8 has improved performance. On the other hand, A9 processor probably has a Quad-core processor. A9 will have two 1.7GHZ cores and two 1.2GHZ cores. The two groups of cores can handle two different tasks. In the processing of the device, these two groups of cores can face different tasks alternating work to save energy consumption.

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