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Right Now , Unified Wireless don't do any broken screen LCD recycle.

Best promotion for iPhone LCD


Best promotion is to buy the iPhone LCD when the price is low and with our VIP system.


We don't talk about promotion about Samsung LCD, Because Samsung LCD's price is very stable.


Here at UW we highly recommend that if you own your own cell phone repair store that you check out our recycling program. 


Today is 10.31.The iPhone LCD prices changes a lot in the US market, even the iPhone LCD online shop in China raises their prices a lot of the time depending on the market value. Especially for 5C, a couple of days before we were selling the 5C at  $50.99, the price now raised to $52.99 on our UW online shop yesterday. The prices are going to raise again in Nov.1, at least raise $5 dollars. On eBay, Top 13 eBay Stores, six of them have 5C out of stock and the cheapest one is $56.65 (there is a couple of hours left you can buy there). Average price is over $61.03.


Today, our eBay price is $62.99, online shop price is $52.99.  Why is the difference in price is more than $10 dollars? Because Paypal & eBay  charge total more than 11.9% + 0.30 cents for this category. We need to pay for the shipping label too. Actually the reason we sell our product on eBay is to let everyone know about our website and our LCD's quality.


The LCD's price changes frequently within couple days. It can raise a couple dollars each and every day. I've been working on selling iPhone LCD & Samsung LCD for 4 years. The Samsung LCD's prices are very stable, It's only if we have products in stock or not. 70% of Samsung LCD we only have AT&T version.Samsung Note3, Samsung Note4, Samsung S3, Samsung S4 have Verizon and AT&T versions. The others of rest only have AT&T version. We will complete the product's complete inventory soon. The iPhone LCD's prices change very frequently, especially the 5 series. The 6 series change a lot too, but can't compare to the 5 series. The lowest price for iPhone 5C LCD's price is $45 (picture below). The highest price $57.99(on our website, eBay price is $65.99). The Boss just talk to me a couple of minutes before i wrote this and he said, "100 repair stores is asking him for iPhone LCD". It means too many iPhone LCD wholesaler don't have inventory right now through the iPhone LCD online store, the only possibility is their inventory is selling out very fast, and supply is limited so everyone is going to have to raise the prices.


$45 for iPhone 5C LCD


The suggestion for big repair store is buy more and in bulk when the price is low.


These are so many owner who knows the LCD'screen prices will raise and drop depending on supply and demand, so they buy a lot before price raise. It could save you a lot of money in the long run but will you have to put up the money for it first but in the long run you will save money. I use to work at a cell phone repair store and i know that the price of repairing a broken screen for a customer all depends on the price you get the LCD screens for. So if the repair price depends on LCD's price repair store should buy in bulk when the LCD screens prices are low because this will benefit your business in the long run. When other repair stores have to buy their LCD screens for a higher price due to limited supplies they will have to raise the repair cost for the customer but if you bought your LCD screens when the prices were low it will keep your business very competitive in the repair market.



1.How is UW LCD recycle system?

Gte Recycle System For LCD


In the menu bar, you can find out the Recycle, click here to view our recycle price for iPhone LCD & Samsung LCD.


PS : For all the broken LCD screen recycled here we can only pay you with store credits. If you recycle your broken LCD screens here with us and need to buy new LCD screens please contact Cory on Live Chat for discounts. (The more you recycle the more you will save)


① Contact us by form or live chat with us.

② We will pay for the cost of shipping, We Email the label to your email.

③ Once we receive the Broke LCD screen, we will check it ASAP and we will send you a Copy of the Test Report.

④ We will pay you depending on Test Report.

⑤ Then you can buy our LCD in UW online shop.



2.What can the VIP system do for you?(Promotion)


① Get extra credits

② Free Gift : Screen Protectors (iPhone 5/ iPhone 5C/ iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus ) ,USB Cables , Earphone.

③Order made fast and simple in Our App. (Coming soon, whole order process won't take you more than 2 minutes, can directly contact us here at UW more than 16 hours a day. Pre-order 5 days in advance available.) more feature will be added. If you have any suggestion feel free to let us know at


3. Is the price the same for everybody?


Yes, right now we are doing a promotion where its wholesale prices for everybody, you don't need to order more than 10 piece LCD to get wholesale prices. But if you want to get better prices, you can choose to use our VIP system.


4. What do you think about our prices?


I just checked the prices on the market in Google, eBay, and other websites. Our prices here at UW are even better than some company in China. Firstly, we make sure that the quality of each screen meets our customers demands. We only sell the high quality LCD, not like another company also sell B or B- quality LCD screens. We are here to hear your voice about our price anytime on live chat or email(


5.Did you guys get a free gift?


Free Gift from GTE Screen


Right now, we are trying to offer free gift to all the repair store in the US wait for the small special surprise. We're doing this to try and earn your trust in us and our products. We spent a lot of time and effort on this in hopes of earning your trust. So, you can be assured that we will provide you with the best product an services possible, because you know our website and our Company.


6. Is there someone on  live chat working 24/7?


live chat from GTE LCD


No not now, we can not make this come true in the meantime, but we will try to expend the live-chat time so we can help you out with what ever problems your having.