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UW is a reliable iPhone screen company with renewable weekly inventory from Hongkong Factory

My son broke my iPhone screen last week. Kids are mischievous sometimes and you can do nothing about it. All you can do is to repair your damaged screen. I took advice from one of my bosom friends about repairing my phone’s screen. He said one thing, “Go wherever you want to repair your screen except the Apple store.” He had logic. Who would spend 300$ when they can do it by spending 27$ on their own? We all know that everyone loves profit. But making 90% profit on a mere LCD screen is simply butchery. That’s why some of my friends call the Apple Store a ‘Butcher shop’. Well it has become an old story now. We can talk about new things with prosperous future. The ‘Global Trade Electronic USA Inc.’ is a soaring company in the contemporary LCD Screen market. Since the last two weeks, the company has provided renewable inventories regularly. In this article, some precise and eye-opening information about the iPhone LCD is going to be presented. All you need to do is to, “Stay with me”. I promise it won’t be boring. How people break their iPhone screens? – Some astonishing facts:



astonishing facts


Humorous but true that iPhones are made of silk that’s why they slip from people’s hands so easily. The second big fact from the pie chart is that people just love to treat their phones as toasts. That’s why they casually immersed their phone in the water, in their teas, coffees and in other beverages. Well, you may think that I am joking but these are true data. We break our iPhones in the funniest possible ways. Some pros and cones about iPhone screen repair prices:



iphone5 repair price

Here is a perfect example of iPhone screen repair price in the market. Well, if you have Apple warranty, you can purchase the Apple care which remains constant throughout the year after the release of your phone. But you can see from the graph that Apple Care becomes more expansive than third party repair after 9 months. Moreover, most people damage their phones after 9 months. If you don’t have the warranty and still thinking about the Apple store, you can simply buy a new phone instead. It costs 300$ and the price never comes down to 250$. Did you know that there’s still a growing demand of iPhone in the global market:



If you notice the pie chart, you’ll see that there is still a huge demand of iPhone worldwide. The demand reduced in the past few years, especially in the USA but the other growing companies are still too far away from the Apple . It will still take another 20 years at least before any other company takes their place. There is a reason why this company is the richest one in the world leaving behind the Amazon, eBay , Facebook and so on. That’s why; the iPhone screen repair business is a multi-billion dollar business in the US. Why the iPhone LCD screen replacement has become expansive in the recent past? :

iphone7 silver
We all know that it’s been a while since the iPhone 6 plus arrived. There hasn’t arrived any new addition of iPhone for a long time. It is a common sense that you won’t throw your phone away if there is no better choice available in the market. That’s why in the last few months, people are replacing iPhone LCDs more than buying new ones. There is a very short time left before the arrival of the much anticipated iPhone 7. So, this is the time when iPhones will be sold at the slowest rate. It is noticeable that the other smart phone companies are making a good business during this time. Oppo and Huawei are the most impressive brands of present market but they’ll go down again with the arrival of iPhone 7 in the market. From where you should buy your iPhone LCD screen replacement? : ‘Global Trade Electronic USA Inc.’ should be your destination for buying your screen replacement. One of my neighbors told me once that he bought from this new Chinese company and got impressed. He bought from them because his iPhone 5S screen replacement was out of stock on Amazon at that time. He saw the cheap prices and excellent reviews of this company online and got inspired. I also bought my iPhone screen replacement from them. The screen works as well as OEM quality. You’ll be surprised that I bought the cheapest ‘A’ quality LCD screen from them. They delivered on time. I love the toolkit they provided. I didn’t even need their 30 days warranty. I am absolutely happy with my phone. Life is beautiful. On the Independence Day, I was browsing on their website. I came to know that they provide amazing offers on special occasions. They also reduce the price with the increase in quantity of the wholesale. The company is really amazing. Renewable Weekly Inventory from Hongkong Office and Shenzhen Factory: GTE Screen has their own manufacturer, the ‘Shenzhen Factory’ in China and two offices- one in New York and the other in Hongkong. The company was out of stock two weeks ago. I came to know about that because my cousin tried to order from their website at that time. He told me that he had to pre-order because there weren’t enough products in their stock. Many buyers have been waiting patiently for their products since then. This is great news that since the last two weeks, new inventories have arrived from the Shenzhen Factory on a regular basis.
quality verify
Well, inventories are extremely necessary for a company to keep enough products in the stock and make thicker profit. To achieve the safety stock point, inventory control is compulsory. 

inventory control

Global Trade Electronic USA Inc’ is an honest and trustworthy company. If you have waited eagerly for your LCD replacement, this consistent inventory news is certainly good news for you. The company will provide more inventories in the future to ensure your product security. GTE values its customers and fulfills its promises. With the arrival of the new inventories from the Shenzhen Factory, your iPhone screen replacement will be in your hands soon.