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How to fix iPhone 5 screen lcd replacement,step by step!

replace iphone 5 screen lcd

Today I will teach you guys how to replace iPhone 5 LCD screen, step by step with notes and video.

You can check the text while you watch the tutorial.


00:00 - 00:09
Today, I will tell you guys how to replace iPhone 5 screen, This is an iPhone 5 that needs to replace its LCD screen.

00:10 - 00:19
First, Disassemble the two Screws in the Bottom.

00:20 - 00:50
Then, you will have to disassemble the screen, if there is a Rift and it isn't that big, you can use Sucker,
But if your Rift is too big like this screen, we got to Force it open.

00:50 - 1:10
When we force it open, you need to be very careful with the two sides so be gentle. (softly)

1:10 - 1:13
After you have Forced it open, you can see the situation inside.

1:13- 1:40
This is Cable's Apron, We need to disassemble it, then we can take it off.

There we find out there are three interfaces, This is screen's induction line, another one is LCD's line, sideways is LCD's Tactile impression line.

1:53- 2:04
Then, we compare the two screens, the broken one is with small fitting, so we got to put broken one's small fitting into the new one.

2:04 - 2:32
But we need to test the iPhone 5 screen LCD to see if it works good or not, Testing the screen is pretty easy, connect interface softly. Make sure the interface is connected.

2:32 - 3:00
After connected, we can see the screen display. Testing is easy, mainly for display function and touch function.

3:00 - 3:32
Before replacing it, Introducing: This seals is to make sure screen work good in the wetting process. hope you don't screwed up screen LCD.
But some buyers don't know about it and screwed it up.fold the cable will make screen don't display.The seals are for protecting screen's cable.
Then we dismantle the seals.

3:32 - 3:48
Now, we can install the small fitting, First disassemble the iron sheets on the Earpiece.

3:48 - 4:21
how to disassemble the LCD's iron sheets, Total 6 screws, both side's screws are the same. Four screws in the bottom are the same, top two screws are different, you must pay attention to it.

4:21- 4:44
Then, this is Dock Connector and Headphone Jack, This using glue to stick inside, so we must be soft, try not to screw it up.

4:44 - 5:44
We gotta put this Dock Connector and Headphone Jack into the iPhone 5 LCD screen.You gotta install correctly, There's some buyer report for after installing, screen turn to black while they call someone.

5:44- 6:17
Then, We install the Earpiece, There's one notch we can see, This Earpiece should put in this notch, This Is easy, then we put the iron sheets on.

6:17 - 7:45
We install this iron sheets,we need to pay attention to the screws, when we disassemble,we gotta put the screws as category, So we can install screw right, if we drilling screws wrong, it will make screen bad.

7:45- 8:27
Disassemble Home button,Home button is glued to stick on it too,so when we picked,we got to be careful, use finger press this Home button. after disassemble the home button, It's time to disassemble cable.

8:27 - 9:18
Then, we install this Home button.Drilling screws on.

9:18- 9:33
Let's count how much screws total, There's 6 screws on iron sheets (both side have two screws,top and bottom have one), earpiece have 2 screws,Home button have 2 screws.Total 10 screws.

9:33- 9:53
There's 3 cable line,1: connect the screen's induction line one. 2: connect LCD's line,3.connect LCD's Tactile impression line.
after connected, We need to check iPhone 5 screen LCD work good.

9:53 - 11:10
If it does not have any problems, we can put the iron sheets on. Don't fold the cable when we install iron sheets,This iron sheets is inside.
other buyers reported : It work good if you don't install it.
if Screwdriver don't have magnetic,you can put it with magnetic.

11:10 - 11:24
press it softly, the screen is glasses, if we don't fasten it correctly, The problem will appear.

11:24 - 12:21
screw the screws on. All done now.
In conclusion, when you received the iPhone 5 screen lcd replacement, you got to check the screen first.Two functions for screen replacement: touch and display.
Installing Notice: don't fold the cable, it will affect LCD not display, display mess. install the screw in the earpiece very carefully.

As reported, there's two main problems in installing:

1. Dock Connector broke.
2. one hole in the earpiece when drilling.

if you have any question, please feel free to contact us, don't screw it up when installing.


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