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iPhone 5 cracked screen repair


Do you have an insurance for your iPhone? Have you checked if the insurance covers screen damage?

In many cases, the phone insurances do not cover the cost of fixing broken screens. But unfortunately, screen damage is the most common phone problem faced by the majority of mobile phone users. The cost of repairing a cracked iPhone screen is quite high depending on the severity of damage. Due to this often phone users are forced to think of buying a new phone. They are convinced that new phone is worth buying instead of repairing the old one. But this decision could make a person lose money or value of their old phone. Even though the cracks or dents on the phone are severe, there are ways to fix it at a low cost. All one has to do is look for options to get iPhone screen change at low cost.
If your iPhone gets cracks and screen is broken you need to first check whether your insurance covers the damage. If it doesn't then take a deep breath, exhale and consider the below options.


You pay the cost asked by the manufacturer

This option is the safest and easiest option of all, but could be costliest as well. If you take this route, you have to pay money that is almost equal to a new phone. This happens when the cost of screen replacement and cost of repair add up to create a large expense. If this is your case, then you need to find another solution. Some would just keep their phone aside and search the internet for used phones. Well, you could take this decision in a hurry. So have patience before you throw away your old phone. Even if the cost of repairing the phone is high through a manufacturer, you can repair it by using other ways. But when the damage is severe then buying a used phone is a better option.

When you search for a phone online, make sure all its parts are covered by warranty. This will save you from unnecessary costs in future. Ask the seller about what is his or her reason for selling the phone. This will give you an idea about the condition of the phone.


How can you find used iPhones?

The best way to get hands-on used phones is to search online for online ads. There are plenty of old phone sellers on Craigslist who want to give away their phone due to one reason or other. Always try to buy a phone from the real owner than second-hand mobile providers. This is because you’ll most probably get the best deal from an owner compared to business people. Usually, the second-hand dealers buy phones from owners at a low price and sell it for a greater price to make profits. After you contact a seller and get a reply, meet the person in a public area that is open and has good lighting. Check the phone in its all functionalities and finalize the purchase. Make sure take the address and phone number of the seller. This will help you to contact back if there are many problems with the phone.

If you prefer buying the phone from a shop, then check if the shop is a reputable one. To do this, google the shop name, ask yahoo answers, yelp etc. You might also pick some references from old buyers and their positive response. When you are searching for shops, you might find a few that have overwhelmingly positive results. Be aware of this, it could be a scam. A shop with a one or two negatives should always be preferred over all aces. No one is perfect when it comes to serving customers. There are customers who are not satisfied with products. However, the number of positive reviews must be way higher than the negatives.using used phone is for transition, Now You can decide to wait for the new phone(iPhone 6S is coming) or you can fix the iPhone yourself.Then, just sell the used phone again.


Fix the iPhone yourself

That's right, you can do it yourself. How? You can learn the skills of repairing a broken screen. Use the instructional videos online for your help. Many of these videos are put up by wholesale screen sellers. So after you watch the video, you can buy an iPhone replacement screen  from visiting the links specified below the video. Ensure that the cost of these parts is really worth of your money. For instance, the cost of a glass should be less than $10 at the wholesale rate. If you find someone selling you for more than that, then look for others. There are people who sell only glass or digitizer, not the LCD. What is damaged on your phone? LCD or the digitizer? If its LCD then find wholesale iPhone screen replacements along with a glass. Because the glass sits over the LCD, both will be damaged.

Only a few people are able to do iPhone screen change. So before you watch the video, make sure you take a look at the comments. This will tell you whether the video has helped or viewers are upset because something went wrong with their phone after following the steps. After you watch a reliable video, make sure you know all the steps perfects and have the right tools for repair. Usually, iPhone has delicate connectors, so make sure you don’t damage it further. You have removed parts one by one, fix the replacement and put the parts back on.

To find replacements online at a low cost, search for iPhone screen wholesalers. Also, if you own an independent repair shop, you can get bulk iPhone screen parts from these sellers. To find good quality parts, one has to do a lot of research online. But you are in luck because you found us, UW. We offer LCD replacements at an affordable cost. The customers who have bought replacements from us have always left us a good feedback. At UW, we sell parts that are proven and tested to be of good quality. So, you don't have to worry about paying a large price for screen replacements anymore. Buy from our store.