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Tips to safety repair your iPhone screen

If you are a proud owner of Apple phone then you must know that it is also a sensitive device to handle. The chance of breaking it is very high. Remember, the manufacturer uses 3D printing to make the complex phone. If you are thinking that you can unscrew it and put all the parts together by yourself, then you are being overconfident unless you are an expert at repairing them.

The parts used in Apple gadgets are fragile and sensitive to the slightest impact. Compared to any other Smartphone, iPhone has the greater chance of getting damaged during a simple fall. In fact, the screen of this device seems to be the most sensitive part overall. This is one of the reasons why a large number of people are finding phone replacements online.

The easiest way to get your iPhone screen repaired is by finding a nearby iPhone repair store. But the cost of repair these days have gone up. Due to this many users choose to repair the phone on their own. To do this you need to have repair skills and have to buy a new iPhone screen. This is true for any part replacement of the mobile phone.

Some of the damages to phone require immediate repair and others could be done at a later time. Broken screen is one of the damages that require immediate repair because it can further damage the phone and also harm your body and belongings such as bag pack, clothes etc. In most cases, the damage to screen happens when an iPhone is dropped on a hard surface. The screen develops cracks in case of a slow fall and breaks into pieces if smashed heavily. The small pieces of glass if ignored can cause damage to the circuit inside and permanently damage the entire phone. So screen damage should be taken seriously and rectified before it makes the phone dead.  Once the phone doesn’t function you are bound to lose the expensive apps you bought from the Apple store.

To help you replace an iPhone screen by yourself, repair kits are now available online. These kits have all the necessary items that can fix the screen. If you have the skills and one of these kits then you are good to do a complete repair. How to repair? To know this, you have to watch YouTube videos and learn the process to remove the damaged screen and replace it with the new one. There are also blog articles on the internet that give step by step instructions on how to replace an iPhone screen. But videos are superior when it comes to learning and making a repair. Some of the popular repair kits come with detailed instructions to perform the repair.

Other than learning to replace a screen, you need to buy a new mobile phone screen replacement. While buying a new screen make sure it suites your model of phone and is of good quality. The original replacements are always advised but if you are low on budget you might want to look for third party iPhone 5C screen replacement wholesale providers. The cost of such parts is usually way cheaper than the original parts. Also before you start removing the screws, ensure that you don’t have a warranty. The company team disqualifies your mobile phone from warranty service if it is opened by anyone other than the apple technicians.

Once you have decided to repair the phone by yourself, you have to take care of different repair issues. Below are the common problems that novice repairers face while they are dissecting their phone.

Antenna Issues

After you repair the phone and discover that phone has no signal, there is probably an issue with the antenna. When removing the antenna sometimes the metal surrounding it loses connection due to slight bends. Gently round out the metal using a nylon spudger to put the antenna in place. A few things you have to keep in mind while reattaching the antenna are, connecting the four teeth on the iPhone frame, tightly screwing the speaker assembly, securely clipping the antenna wire on the logic boar. After everything is done properly, reset the network connection to get back the signal.

Logic Board Issues

Next, problem that users often experience is the trouble from detaching the logic board. This happens when all the screws are not removed. The logic board stays in place because of the SIM card and screws surrounding it. There are total three out of which one is covered by the white water sensor. The logic board is held by the SIM card even after unscrewing all the screws. So first take out the SIM card using a paper clip or thumb then press on it to slide it out. To remove the logic board completely, you have to detach its six connections. Also take care to remove the logic board without making a contact with the antenna connection.

Battery Replacement

While replacing the iPhone battery, ensure that you do not use any metal instruments to remove the electrical connection. This can result into short circuiting. Use a nylon spudger to do this. When you are removing the battery, there are chances to tear off the plastic pull tap. To do this, smoothly use a nylon spudger to gently remove the battery out.

After the repair work is completed, if the iPhone doesn’t turn on make sure you have securely connected the battery. This will involve removing the battery and reinserting it. Next, press and hold the Wake button for 10 seconds until the phone starts and shows the logo. If the phone still doesn’t start, maybe the battery is out of power. Plug your phone to the power outlet and let it charge for 2 or 3 minutes.

Misplacing parts

If the repair process is not managed properly you might get stressed and lose some of tiny parts such as screws. Keep your desk clean and use a white paper to keep all the parts you removed from the phone.  This will make your repair easy and well organized.