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Should I Wholesale iPhone 6 LCD China?

Wholesale iPhone 6 LCD China



The iPhone 6 is definitely one of the most fantasized mobile devices from millions of people all around the world. Since the first day it was made available in both in the online and offline market, a massive amount of mobile aficionados continue to attest that this iPhone model is among the best of all time. Because of so many incredible features that this phone has the demand for it is far from the end. Now, if you are an enterprise whose business is selling parts of this model such as an iPhone 6 LCD China, there is a bright future ahead of you.


Perhaps, there have been a lot of orders you have been receiving since day by day. It will not be a surprise if you say that customers often ask you to offer delivery services. Of course, it is understood that consumers have nothing else in mind but to make things easy on their part all the time – even if they will have to pay extra money for additional services. So what is it that you must really do? Should you wholesale iPhone 6 LCD China or stick to the old rule of welcoming walk-in customers? Well, the only way for you to be able to answer that is when you an understanding about some negative impacts that go with this type of service. Read on and know more about it.


Here are the reasons why you should forget about the idea of offering iPhone 6 LCD China shipping services:



defective iPhone screen


Defective screen


The LCD is among the most sensitive parts of the smartphone, including iPhone. As a matter of fact, the moment it incurs a few defects, you can no longer have the best time with your iPhone. Unlike the battery, LCD issues cant easily be fixed. This is why most cell phone specialists suggest that LCDs should not be repaired. The best way to restore the mobile device to its best functioning condition is to replace the defective screen with a new one. Needless to explain, purchasing new iPhone 6 LCD China is generally expensive. If you are the customer who needs a stretch in your budget, this is something that will never work to your advantage.


Often there are several untoward circumstances that happen in the middle of the product transport. Improper handling of the items boxes is one of the major suspects that cause defects of the screen of this iPhone model. Taking this and other related scenarios into account, it is best to you as an enterprise to just accept iPhone 6 LCD China purchases from your store through a physical visit.


Not easy to exchange


As a product seller, you probably know that exchanges of defective products (referring to defects that are not caused by the consumer) are allowable. In most cases, returns of products are prohibited but exchanges are not, provided that the defect in the item can be considered and proven as factory defect or damages that happened during the shipping process. While product exchanges under this case can be allowed, it would be a different story when it comes to wholesale iPhone 6 LCD in China. There are a lot of disadvantages on your part as a product seller if you will decide to offer shipping services on wholesale purchases of this iPhones essential part.


In case you do not know, a customer who purchased on a wholesale basis might decide to exchange a lot of items at one time. How disadvantageous do you think could it be if you have like a hundred or more wholesale purchasers of iPhone 6 LCD China who wants to ask an exchange for defective items? Just imagine the level of stress that you will have to face when that happens. Of course, it will cause a lot of disturbance in your operations. Not to mention, if the damages are not really your fault and you are convinced to allow product exchanges, you will be losing a lot of money.


A lot of unknown things


As being mentioned earlier, damages on the products can happen during the delivery process. What that means to you is that it is not your fault. The problem with this, however, is that customers will insist that the defects arent their fault either. Sometimes, little arguments between you and your customer have negative effects on your venture.


Big companys price is high


Lets face it. Cost makes all the difference in every product purchase. If you are a consumer opting for a wholesale purchase of iPhone 6 LCD China from big companies, you are not doing the right thing to save money. Keep in mind that prices for wholesale products from huge companies often come at high prices, plus the delivery charge, it will absolutely be costly on your part.


Small company you dont even know


Since big companies generally offer expensive products, you probably think that choosing small companies is a wise thing to do. Well, not at all. There are a lot of small companies out there that offer shipping services for wholesale iPhone 6 LCD China. The problem with this, however, is that you might end up choosing small companies that you do not even know – companies that offer low-quality iPhone 6 parts and accessories. This is one thing you never want to happen, so avoid it as much as possible.


Alibaba Reviews In truspilot



Low review ratings on Alibaba in trust pilot


Alibaba is among the worlds biggest and most trusted e-commerce companies. Not many people know that it is from China (with CEO, Daniel Zhang). When this site speaks about products, the world listens. When it comes to the idea of shipping wholesale iPhone 6 LCD China, the site gave only 1 star regarding pilot trust. This only means that shipping is not a wise option if you are planning to purchase the best quality iPhone 6 LCD and other parts and accessories.


Overall, shipping wholesale products is not restricted. But when it comes to world-class products such as to iPhone 6 LCD China it is not the top option for both sellers and consumers.