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How much is iPhone 6s LCD's price and why is iPhone 6s LCD is so expensive?

iphone 6s and lcd


How much is iPhone 6s LCD?


The price is around $320~ $400, I check the price in many iPhone LCD wholesalers. In fact, a lot of LCD wholesaler don't even sell the iPhone 6s LCD, It shows "they have inventory, but they are not going to sell it because the price is too high now".


I'm sure you think the price is too high to buy, even if you want to buy, they're only a couple of wholesalers who can sell to you. Do you think Customers are going to spend $400 or more to replace one screen? The price is almost triple than replacing the iPhone 6 plus LCD.


If you get the iPhone 6s by the Verizon or T-mobile plan, you should buy their insurance plan or Apple's insurance plan. It's going to save you a lot of money if your iPhone 6s screen gets cracked or breaks. I spend $5 on insurance each month, so when my iPhone screen gets cracked, we can get the new iPhone or replace a new LCD screen.


Of course you can choose to spend $400 to replace a screen, Actually they do have some repair stores that will not accept a job to replace an iPhone 6s LCD. By the way, larger screens can be easily broken and their LCD screen too.


Why iPhone 6S and 6S plus LCD screen is so expensive?


Because 3-D touch? I'm not sure Because I'm doing High copy replacements for iPhone LCD. but the LCD in the market, only have original and OEM. It means LCD screen price will depend on Apple company.


I read a news article about 3-D touch, it's about 3-D touch and how its going to be used in the near future, yes, for now, we don't even think 3-D touch has any advantages.


1: watch 3D movie?


Are you going to use your iPhone to watch 3D movie? first, you got to find 3D movie sources, secondly 3D movies work perfectly fine in theaters, I don't even feel too much different from watching from my Laptop because it's too small. In iPhone resolution? For me, I won't.


2: 3D games?


It's possible, by the phone games grow up so fast. From my personal opinion, we play the games on our phones because it's easy to control. 3D games in PC or Laptop, we need to do a lot of controls. In other words, 3D games are complicated, simply touch in iPhone won't be that much fun on it.


3: take the benefit from repair store?


I'm not sure about this, but Apple store only charges replacing iPhone 6 & 6 plus LCD screen at $140 (include tax). The price is very competitive for repair store. It influences the repair price in the repair market. If some places don't have an apple store near them, the price for replacing an iPhone 6 LCD is much more expensive. But if the repair store is close to an Apple store, the price will be much cheaper. The standard surrounding Apple's repair price.


Think about it, after iPhone 6s, Apple invested in a new technology in LCD. 3-D touch  or something else. The LCD's price will never go down.


Why iPhone's selling so good?


One of that reason: iPhone easy to break, I mean the LCD screen. Think about why Nokia failed, I'm sure they can make iPhone LCD firmer and they talk about some new technology about next series iPhone. But a lot of them don't show up. I don't think they can't archive it. It's about some skill will reduce their selling. personally, I'm not the guy who going to buy every new series iPhone when released. But I spend a lot of money on replacing iPhone screen or to replace my old beat up iPhone. Like their technology:"iPhone will change the angle of a drop to protect the iPhone LCD so that they don't crack". They can do that, but they don't want to.


More than 80% of customer won't stop using the iPhone product because iPhone has become a brand name for phones its most people's must have a phone.


Before we teach you how to distinguish OEM and different qualities of LCD.


iPhone 6s has more of a sharpness in the picture than the previous 6, It's good news for the iPhone customers. But for the repair stores, LCD wholesaler, and factories that work on high-copy, they will have a lot of pressure to duplicate this sharpness in their LCD products for the 6s. The quality will need to always be over A quality. Actually, LCD for iPhone 6 LCD doesn't have too many qualities under A on the market. They won't have that many profits on the new LCD, especially when Apple reduce their repair price.


High Copy is more and more difficult when Apple spend more time on LCD screen and take care of customers more on repair fees. It's good news for the customer now, but what about later? when Apple takes most of the repairs. The insurance fee will go up and repair fee will grow up. That's the news iPhone customer don't want to hear, and there's some part of population fix their iPhone LCD on their own.

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