Warranty Information

The enclosed information is regarding the warranty of products sold by Unified Wireless Inc. via the online marketplace uwlcd.com. Claims for an product sold on uwlcd.com can be made by contacting Unified Wireless Inc. support.

1 Year Warranty (Full Warranty)

This Unified Wireless Inc. product is guaranteed to function as long as you have it.

30 Day Warranty (Limited Warranty)

This product is guaranteed to function for 30 days upon sale of the item.


This product is guaranteed to be as described on the uwlcd.com product page. If it is defective, please contact us at Unified Wireless Inc. Support.

Manufacturer Warranties

A specific product’s manufacturer backs these warranties for a stated amount of time by the manufacturer. Unified Wireless Inc. does not grant warranties for these products. In order to make a claim for these products, the purchaser must contact the product manufacturer.

A “Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty” may have terms and conditions from the manufacturer of the product. So please read the warranty information for each product carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer for further details.

For products warranted by the manufacturer(s), you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for a warranty replacement.

Unified Wireless Inc. Warranty Details


Our policy is to honor warranty claims within the warranty period. If a product defect or issue is caused by purchaser abuse, negligence or if the product was mishandled, misused, or not used as intended; we may require you to return a product for analysis prior to issuance of a store credit or replacement.



Some products, like batteries, and portable chargers are designed to be consumed during use. Product page descriptions will tell you what items are designed to be consumed during use. Some items like the various repair kits have consumable parts or items that fall under their own “as-is” warranty. Those consumables do not get lifetime warranty replacement, some pre-packed kits or grouped products cannot have each individual item replaced, because the product comes in a pre-determined set.

For example, we cannot replace only the Philips head screwdriver from a repair kit because it comes in a pre-determined set. However, sometimes we may have the ability to replace a kit or pre-determined set item with comparable item. If we do replace that one item from the repair kit or pre-determined set item, it will be at Unified Wireless Inc.’s sole discretion of what the suitable replacement item is. Do not worry; we will not replace a screwdriver with a charging cable.

Another example: If your iPhone 5 battery does not work upon installation, we will replace it. If it loses potency after dozens and dozens of cycles, or due to a short because of a power surge from your power socket, we will not.

Yet another example: If one of the plastic tools breaks in half when you use it improperly to pry a connector loose, will not replace it. If it loses the ability to pry as precisely as it did the first time after dozens of uses, we will also not replace it. However, if upon receipt of the item and you open the package and for some reason it is damaged, we will replace it with either the exact item, or a suitable item in the case of pre-set kits.

Legacy Products

We are always trying to source and sell better products. That means we often upgrade or alter the items in our store. We cannot always provide an exact replacement for a legacy or pre-set product if we cannot procure or do not have any more. However, we still honor our guarantee and will send an equivalent or upgraded item as a replacement.

For example, an older generation charging cable may no longer be available, we will send the current version. However, if you bought an iPhone 4 charging cable, unfortunately, we cannot replace it, due to the fact, there are no more of these cables on the market, and we no longer carry them. If a suitable replacement is found however, unfortunately, we cannot let you choose which version of the product we send as the replacement.


We will send you a replacement item and we expect to receive the defective item back via cross-ship.

In some cases, we may require you to ship the failed item back to us before we send a replacement. See below for how we handle return shipping costs.

To cross-ship, we must have a valid credit card number on file to cover any incidentals. If we do not receive the defective product back after 30 days from the date you receive the replacement, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the retail price of the non-returned product.

We reserve the right to choose the shipping method we use to send the replacement item.

Within the continental United States, we will send a prepaid shipping label to you along with the replacement product so you can send the defective product back to us.


We guarantee the function of our products, not the appearance.

Example: If the sticker on one of your screwdrivers comes off, we will not send a replacement. However, if the screwdriver were damaged upon receipt, we will.

User Error

Unified Wireless Inc. and/or the part manufacturer will not cover user error as follows:

  • If you break, a product or a part during installation, Unified Wireless Inc. and/or the part manufacturer of the product or part will not replace it.
  • If you accidentally damage the product or part after installation, Unified Wireless Inc. and/or the manufacturer or the product or part will not replace it.
  • If you damage one component or part while replacing another in your device, Unified Wireless Inc. and/or the component or part manufacturer are not responsible for replacing that damaged component or part for you.
  • Additionally, if you destroy a tool, product, component or part due to mishandling, misuse, abuse, or carelessness Unified Wireless Inc. will not replace it.
  • Unified Wireless Inc. and/or the product or part manufacturer is not responsible for any damage to your device due to improper installation or accidental damage. This includes data loss.

“Manufacturers” means any suppliers/vendors of Unified Wireless Inc. including those that we have official partnerships with including v02.

Example: If you use a screwdriver purchased through Unified Wireless Inc., to punch holes in a wall, we will not replace the screwdriver. If you use that screwdriver to turn screws and the tip fails, we will send a replacement.

Another example: If your replacement iPhone screen does not work upon initial installation, we will send a replacement. If you drop your iPhone or misuse it in any way and the screen breaks or becomes defective, we will not replace the screen.


Our “1 Year Warranty” applies only to iPhone replacement LCD, OLED, AMOLED screens, as long as the product is still in circulation and available then a suitable replacement can be given for it.

Our “30 Day Warranty” covers the item for 30 days the moment it arrives at its intended shipping address.

For example, if you purchased an iPhone 4 replacement LCD screen, and it is now not functioning properly, we would not be able to replace it, because there are no more manufacturers producing these screens.

In the event that a warranty replacement is sent, the warranty will continue to be valid until the warranty expires or for an additional 30 days from date of receipt, whichever provides longer coverage for you.

Proof of Purchase

We reserve the right to require proof of purchase to provide support for products under warranty.


Please test all products and parts thoroughly before making a claim for replacement. If a fully functional item is returned, it is subject to a 20% restocking fee. Unified Wireless Inc. will replace any defective or malfunctioning product or part at no extra charge if a claim is submitted within the effective time of warranty; if the part is no longer available, we will provide a return label to send back the defective part for a full refund minus the shipping charge.

Make a Claim

To make a claim on your Unified Wireless Inc. warranty, please contact our customer service. These warranties give you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. Claim processing may require further documentation, and we reserve the right to request photos and/or other documentation in order to process you for a replacement under the warranty. We will notify you via email once the claim is received and reviewed by our staff. This process generally takes one to two business days.

Business days are defined as Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. This does not include any federally observed and major holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for example. Unified Wireless Inc. is also a culturally inclusive company. We observe holidays for individuals who observe these holidays such as Kwanzaa and the Lunar New Year.

Federally observed holidays are as follows:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Guaranteed Quality Parts

Unified Wireless Inc. guarantees the quality of the parts we sell. We have spent years vetting sources and suppliers to obtain the best quality and affordable parts.

Our parts consistently lead the industry in terms of quality and reliability because of our robust vetting process. All products and parts are rigorously tested and our Lifetime Guarantee backs our replacement iPhone screens.